Heatblur is running a livery contest

If you’re a DCS World livery artist that wants to show off your skin to the widest possible audience, Heatblur might have the contest for you as they aim to fill out the livery banks for their released aircraft in DCS World. Here are the details.

Historical and realistically fictitious

Heatblur is calling on livery artists to create some great liveries for their modules. The winner in each category will have their submission included as part of the official release for the corresponding DCS module. There are three aircraft that fit the criteria from Heatblur: AJS-37, F-14A, and F-14B.

The call is for realistic liveries that fit with the legacy of the jets with Heatblur suggesting a bright pink livery with teddy bears is not exactly what they are looking for. On the other hand, it seems like they are open to fictitious skins and one I’d really like to see included is a desert scheme for the Viggen – seeing as a large number of maps are desert based right now and we are trying to get the maximum use out of this module.

The due date is in roughly 60-days although Heatblur seem willing to bend on the date a little and haven’t given a hard deadline.

Have what it takes? See the full contest rules here.

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