DCS: F-14A is here and everyone is flying it

I got some stick time in the DCS: F-14A tonight in both single and multiplayer and its everything I expected it to be. It’s also very popular right now with nearly every multiplayer slot on every server I went on filled with people flying the jet. It’s all part of DCS Open Beta and here’s some information to get you started.

It’s part of DCS: F-14

Every multiplayer server is filled with F-14’s tonight

There has been a bit of confusion over the new release. Is this a mod? Is a new plane? How do I get it? To clear those up, no its not a mod, yes it is a new plane but no you don’t need to pay extra for it as its part of the DCS:F-14 package from Heatblur.

So, if you already have been flying the DCS: F-14B around… load yourself up an F-14A right now.

This is mostly about the engines

The TF-30 engine has a visually different afterburner nozzle

The biggest difference between the F-14A-135GR and the F-14B that we’ve been flying is the older, less capable TF-30 engines. They produce less thrust, are more temperamental, and will fail under different circumstances. Sounds like fun in a flight sim (and a nightmare in real life). This version is otherwise almost identical the the F-14B that we have so avionics and control schemes are the same.

I’ll be putting this jet to the full test as soon as I can and writing a report here. Also, look for two more variants of the F-14A, with earlier avionics, coming sometime in the near future along with a carrier and the AI A-6 Intruder. There’s lots to look forward to still!

Community content

The DCS community is quick to generate content and there’s already some great videos out there taking you through the new sounds, features, and the troublesome nature of the F-14A’s engines. Here’s three videos to check out if you’re ready for more F-14A content.

Download the open beta now

DCS World Open Beta is available now on your uploader if you’re using the open beta release cycle. The full list of changes in the patch are available and they include plenty of updates for everything from the C-101, the JF-17 and the AV-8B.

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