Tank Crew released, Hurricane Mark II are now on Steam

IL-2: Great Battle’s great experiment, making a tank sim in a flight simulator, has been officially released and is now available to buy on Steam. This all according to an announcement made earlier today by IL-2 Lead Producer Jason Williams. Also, if you were looking to pick up the Hurricane Mark II on Steam, now you can!

Grounded experience

IL-2 Sturmovik: Tank Crew – Clash at Prokhorovka is finished. Announced in November 2017, Tank Crew took the series in a new direction with an effort to produce tanks at a similar level to the series aircraft and make them integrated with the rest of the experience. My full review on Tank Crew is already underway, however, I can say that 1CGS has more or less succeeded in bringing this experience to life. Of today they are finished with Tank Crew’s development and that experience is now coming to Steam buyers.

I say finished with a bit of a caveat. It is a bit too final of a word because 1CGS has been adamant that development is always continuing and we’ve seen that for the rest of the Great Battles series as well. What is still to come are tweaks and updates to the title that are likely to continue for a long time. Any major engine update or art asset upgrade is likely going to have a positive effect on Tank Crew and a few planned upgrades intended for Tank Crew are coming (although I can easily see them spilling over into the rest of the series).

Among the updates are more skins for tanks (there being just a handful for each right now) as well as the introduction of infantry.

…we have listened to players who want infantry, and we are working on them for TC, but we don’t know when they will exactly be ready or their final abilities on the battlefield. We could also fail to make infantry that works at all. It’s new territory for us. But remember this is not a shooter like Call of Duty and you will never be able to play as an infantry soldier. It is a tank sim. We will of course, reveal more when we have something to report on them.

Jason Williams on the IL-2 Steam Community discussion forum

So, even though Tank Crew is finished according to their initial plan. There is potentially more to come. Jason has also said that additional content such as missions are likely and hopefully we’ll see even more new scenarios coming from the community as well.

Now what?

Many of you and I are always asking about what is coming next. While Tank Crew took a long time to get established, it is here now and should sales prove to be good, it’s possible that it will get a sequel. What that sequel looks like is anyone’s guess, however, there are certainly ways that it could somehow connect with other parts of the series. A western tank battle for example could connect with the aircraft and assets associated with Battle of Normandy and Battle of Bodenplatte. Others have mused about the series heading to North Africa (although that still seems to be in the realm of Team Fusion and ‘Desert Wings’).

The truth is that we just don’t know what happens from here in terms of big titles.

Smaller scale, however, is the news that 1CGS is working on two Collector Vehicles in the form of two mobile AAA vehicles. These should add something interesting to the mix and potentially open up new gameplay opportunities as well.

Hurricane Mark II is on the Steam Store now too

It took a couple of weeks but for those holding out for it to arrive in the Steam Store, the latest IL-2 Collector Plane is now available. The Hawker Hurricane Mark II is a highly versatile and interesting early war fighter that can easily be used in a wide variety of scenarios. I gave it high marks and regard it as one of the most fun aircraft you can fly in the series in my recent review.

Check both the Hurricane Mark II and Tank Crew – Clash at Prokhorovka out on the Steam Store and read the full announcement made earlier today here.

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  1. Fernando says:

    +1 for Tank Crew AI infantry project. Will add a lot to the sim.

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  2. Another +1 for infantry project, and I hope we can control a pilot avatar outside the airplane one day, even in a basic way!

    My dream sim is something with the attention to detail and damage modelling of IL-2 couple with pilot avatar character development where you can step out of your airplane and manage your little home airfield where you live and take missions from.

    Perhaps an alternative reality with mercenaries using WW2 airplanes, with bounty hunting missions (find and destroy the rogue FW-190), cargo (deliver the mail – https://hypertexthero.com/combat-air-mail/ ), ferry missions to transfer planes to different airfields, and so on.

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