The IL-2 autumn sale is on!

There’s been a lot of people asking when the next sale for IL-2 would be on and the answer we have today is – now! Some big discounts are available for the IL-2 series as we head into the holiday season. Let’s have a look.

Great Battles content on sale

The usual big sale prices are on this time with a few notable options coming up with some excellent discounts. Flying Circus Vol 1 (see my full review) and Battle of Bodenplatte (see my full review) are on for 66% off – great deals for both. Tank Crew retains its 13% launch discount and the Hurricane Mark II does as well with 25% off for a few more days.

Main title sales

BOS – 85% Off
BOM – 75% Off
BOK – 75% Off
BOBP – 66% Off
FC1 – 66% Off

TC – 13% Off (Launch Discount on Steam Ends on 11/27)

Collector Plane Sales

Hurricane Mk.II – 25% Off (Launch Discount on Steam Ends on 11/27)

Yak-9 – 30% Off
Yak-9T – 30% Off
Fw-190 D-9 – 66% Off
P-38 J-15 – 66% Off
U-2VS -75% Off
Ju-52/3M – 75% Off
Bf-109 G-6 – 75% Off
Yak-1B – 75% Off
Spitfire Mk. VB – 75 % Off
LA-5FN – 75% Off
HS-129 B-2 – 75% Off
P-40E-1 – 85% Off
Macchi MC.202 – 85% Off
Fw-190 A-3 – 85% Off
LA-5 Series 8 – 85% Off

Scripted Campaign sales

Blazing Steppe – 75% Off
Fortress on the Volga – 75% Off
Ten Days of Autumn – 75% Off (Webstore Only)
Havoc Over the Kuban – 75% Off (Webstore Only)
Achtung Spitfire! – 75% Off (Webstore Only)
Hell Hawks Over the Bulge – 30% Off (Webstore Only)
Ice Ring – 30% Off (Webstore Only)

IL-2 Sturmovik Cliffs of Dover Series Sales

Also on sale is the Cliffs of Dover series including the original Cliffs of Dover Blitz edition as well as the recently released Desert Wings – Tobruk (read my full review).

Desert Wings Tobruk – 25% Off
Cliffs of Dover Blitz – 75% Off

Rise of Flight Sales

Although its an older title now, Rise of Flight content is also on sale and is going for 75% off.

All ROF Content – 75% Off

Store options

All titles can be purchased on Steam or on the official IL-2 website webstore.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Blue 5 says:

    I love the auto-advert logic: you have a post on IL-2 sales and the Google adds give me pics of ladies in cut-price lingerie 😂


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Google’s just trying to be helpful 🙂

      It sends me a lot of camera gear ads which is really dangerous for my wallet.


  2. ClannK says:

    Their deals are (almost) too good – these guys get at least a little bit of my money every time they run a sale 😉

    Now, i just gotta patiently wait awhile for Tank Crew to come down like Flying Circus finally did…

    Liked by 1 person

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