Project Wingman is out, featuring some great arcade style fun

As much as is about the serious side of flight simulation and combat flight simulation, sometimes I want to put away the navigation charts, not worry if my INS has aligned properly, or worry if that bandit ahead of me has notched my missile… sometimes I just want to have some fun. Titles like Ace Combat feature that kind of fun…. and so does a new entrant on the market. It’s kick starter funded, indie developed, Ace Combat inspired ‘Project Wingman’ and it’s out now!

Fun missile dodging action

Project Wingman, created by Sector D2, is an indie action game that puts you in the pilots seat of a variety of jet fighters and puts you up against hundreds of enemy targets in a fictional narrative featuring an alternate reality version of Earth. If that sounds at all familiar to you, it’s because the project is undeniably a homage to the Ace Combat series.

Project Wingman may be an homage but it does appear to have its own take on the genre and hews just as closely to the format as other titles that have come and gone (anyone remember Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X?). It’s definitely on the side of fun action with dozens or hundreds of missiles on a plane and just about as many targets to shoot at in a mission.

Available now

Project Wingman features 20 different aircraft, 40 unique weapons, a story driven single player campaign, re-bindable controls and HOTAS support, and makes use of Steam VR. The title released on December 1st on Steam and is available for $24.99 USD. It’s also available from Humble Bundle and

Look for back to back reviews of both Project Wingman and Ace Combat 7 coming up sometime in the near future.


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  1. Doctor Drago says:

    Glad to see PW getting the Stormbirds treatment! Great stuff.

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  2. Hi Shamrock — I would like to request that we always report on TrackIR / VR support status for new titles like this one as well as past releases when their status changes.

    its not always transparent from the publishers (star wars galaxies, for example. which BTW has just this week gotten official trackIR support after 2 months released, but they didnt even tell anybody), and its really important to me as a sim pilot who cannot stand to fly without head tracking. Thanks for your consideration

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    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Hey Marco,

      Great suggestion. When I was just covering DCS and IL-2 it hardly seemed worth noting any sort of support for TrackIR related devices – it was a given. Now it’s much more complex.

      Where I have information available I will definitely share it. I am preparing an update on StarWars Squadrons including the TrackIR update once I’ve had a chance to try it for myself. They also added support for my throttle so that’s big news for me!

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  3. ClannK says:

    At first blush the gameplay seems a little more interesting than what I’ve seen of AC7.

    Graphics look incredible (assuming they’re in-game).

    It’d have to be a truly fantastic game for me to go for it though – at least somewhat realistic flight models being the key.

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    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      I’ll definitely be checking it out to see how well it plays and flies. I’m not expecting much from the flight model beyond what you see from Ace Combat…. but we’ll see how they managed it.


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