DCS: F/A-18 update focus, plus clouds, new ship helipad

This week’s update from the DCS World team was largely focused on some key updates to the DCS: F/A-18C Hornet. Some of these updates are on features we already know about thanks to Matt Wagner’s recent videos but it is nice to see them laid out in one place. Plus we’re getting a few more looks at the clouds and news of a new ship type being added to DCS World had has a helipad that should offer some fun for helicopter pilots. Let’s have a look!

New features for Hornet

The F/A-18C Hornet project is starting to reach it’s conclusion and a series of new updates are coming that will add more capabilities and check off many more boxes on the quest towards completing this high fidelity simulation.

Here’s a list of everything mentioned today:

  • Ground Moving Target (GMT) radar mode – Highlights ground radar contacts into bricks on the radar display (similar to air to air targets) if they are moving.
  • SEA Radar Mode – SEA A-G mode on the radar is similar to GMT in that it can display target bricks based on the signatures of ships allowing for them to be tracked out to 80 nm and locked on to with various weapons including the Harpoon. The update also notes that the targeting pod can be slaved to the target.
  • Defensive systems update – Transmit Designate (TXDSG) on the SA page will transmit ground designation and launch and steering (air to air) targets for flight members and friendly aircraft on Link16.

All of these are combined with several new screenshots including these three that show the Hornet off together with the new clouds coming in a future DCS World update.

Other updates including a new ship with helipad

There are a few other interesting updates this week. One of them is ‘Handy Wind’ bulk carrier which is a new civilian cargo ship, and a rather large one at that, with its own helipad.

The image was not provided with the update but did appear on ED’s Discord and shows the detail of the ship together with a Ka-50 on the helipad. The understanding I have at this point is that the ship will function as a mission editable type that can be used as a potential launch or landing platform. This has great potential for mission builders.

Also mentioned are updates to the F-5E with ‘headwind and tailwind anomalies’ listed as now being fixed. A few have mentioned this as an issue but I never got to the bottom of what it was. Good news nonetheless.

Cockpit sounds are being updated with more realistic sounds when using weapons from the cockpit according to the update. The F-10 ruler is being fixed for VR and multi-monitor setups and the SA-2’s guidance systems are being corrected as well.

These and other updates are planned for DCS World 2.5.6 beta update. Clouds meanwhile remain a work in progress feature that I still expect to see in the big point release – 2.7. Stay tuned for that.

This and more on the DCS World Weekend News.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. ClannK says:

    This game is capable of incredible visuals, along with everything else it does so well.

    Every time I go spend time in the other simulators, DCS calls me right back.

    p.s.: that helipad ship is quite a nice surprise! brings the Expeditionary Sea Bases to mind (or perhaps the new Iranian knock-offs thereof, too).

    Liked by 1 person

  2. ClannK says:

    p.p.s: the F-5 bug was related to in-mission winds where aircraft performance was calculated off ground speed rather than air speed. probably didn’t affect most of us since DCS defaults to no-winds most of the time…

    Glad to see it fixed as Tiger remains a fantastic little fighter.

    Liked by 1 person

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