Aerges provides Mirage F1 update

We have a small update by the former AvioDev, now Aerges, DCS World third party development team on their Mirage F1 project. Almost a dozen new screenshots showing off the visual details of the cockpit model have been provided and they have me as excited as ever for this project.

New screenshots

Not much else was revealed in their update yesterday, however, the screenshots themselves are worth a few paragraphs on their own. First, it’s clear that their artists are working on very intricately detailed texturing work on the F1 project at this point and things are already starting to look very polished in some places. I’m impressed by the amount of work going on at the front of the cockpit behind where the pilot would normally see.

As with their earlier update, the Mirage F1 project is slated to come with four variants including one and two seat versions and the F1M modernized variant that will have a variety of avionics upgrades.

Aerges expect an initial early access offering to come in the middle part of 2021.

For these screenshots and more, visit the dev update on the Aerges Facebook page.

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  1. Thank you for the news on this marvelous and iconic airplane. I’m very excited about the Mirage F1.
    Can’t wait…


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