Asobo confirms World Update 3 release date

Although planned for release this week, Asobo has confirmed that an extra layer of polish is required on their World Update 3 and have confirmed a new date for the release. They have also shown off a few more points of interest that will be part of the package. Let’s have a look!

World update 3 release date

The new date from Asobo Studios is February 16 with the team confirming today via a developer update that the patch has been delayed slightly so as to add an extra layer of polish on the release.

World Update 3 is in its final polish phase and is now locked in for release on Tuesday, February 16th. The team is putting the finishing touches on all aspects of this massive update, and we appreciate your continued patience.

As with most software delays, I largely think this is a good thing. An extra week to fix a few remaining items is well worth the wait and hardly a big deal in the grand scheme of things. I’d rather Asobo fix remaining bugs, solve a few extra problems, and make sure everything is working great than see a rush to release.

The update doesn’t disappoint either as we get a few new screenshots to compliment the ones we’ve already seen come our way over the past few weeks. Check these out!

This week also contained the usual mix of third party developer reports and feedback updates showing the top community items. For the full update, visit

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