Asobo details MSFS flight dynamics bug and timeline for a fix

If you’ve been flying around in Microsoft Flight Simulator in the last patch update, you may have noticed that your aircraft behaves strangely when the flaps are deployed. You’re not alone and Asobo Studios has put out a statement on the issue and a timeline for the fix. You may want to read this.

The issue

The most recent update to Flight Simulator has introduced a bug into the system that calculates the lift values of flaps. While stowed they aren’t an issue but, as detailed in a statement from Asobo Studios, in a landing configuration the flaps will generate double the lift that they should and do so without the added drag that such a configuration should offer.

As part of the recent World Update 3, we have inadvertently introduced an issue that is negatively affecting the flaps simulation. The problem was caused by a mistake in the build process, which integrated some incomplete improvements to the flight model into the latest update.

Asobo Studios

According to the statement, ground effect and wind exacerbates the issue and the end result is that aircraft are exceptionally “floaty” in landing configuration. It makes for some challenging landing situations to say the least.

Timeline for a fix

As part of the statement, Asobo Studios is reporting that they are working on a fix for the problem. However, that fix may be a few weeks away if they stick to the plan as written in the statement. Here’s what they had to say:

We debated if we should address this via a hot fix as quickly as possible, but ultimately believe that the better approach is to implement the fix and to then thoroughly test everything for the upcoming Sim Update 3 (coming early March).

Asobo Studios

Although we don’t have a specific date for this, March is about a week away and a typical release window is a week and a half away from us at this point. That is assuming that the update lands very early into the month. Undoubtedly, the pressure will be on to get this update out as quickly as possible.

Asobo shouldn’t wait this long

Get ready for some “floaty” landings

Now that I’ve done the news piece, I’m going to jump into a bit of editorial on this situation.

Waiting a week and a half to fix this seems like a long time. I’m generally supportive of developers and the difficult circumstances that they find themselves in when it comes to software bugs and issues that affect us as end users of the software. Issues happen, development of complex software like this is difficult, and I want to promote the positive side of the sim experience as often as I can. That all said, I think holding back on a hotfix is a mistake.

The statement says that they debated issuing a hot fix and decided to wait. I think this is the wrong move and I think an immediate hotfix done as quickly and carefully as possible should be the first order of business. If that means delays to other updates, I think that’s reasonable, but focus on fixing a major issue first.

While some bugs I feel it’s better to wait for, others require immediate action. In some cases, there are bugs that that require extensive research and additional coding that affect a smaller subset of users. Those types of bugs are annoying but they can wait until they are done properly. This, however, is an issue that has universal impact and it should be resolvable by rolling back to the previous iteration of the model.

While I don’t think this will have a long term impact and I don’t think we’ll much remember it once this issue is past, if you did have a MSFS flight time planned this weekend I think a lot of people will be deciding to do something else until it is fixed.

Read the full statement from Asobo Studios here.


9 Comments Add yours

  1. Urgent Siesta says:

    Hear, Hear!

    It is interesting that Asobo chose to include the config hack to temporarily fix the situation. Not really seen that from a dev before…

    I WILL give kudos to Asobo for their transparency, though. If only all game devs and addon devs were so forthcoming 😉


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      That is interesting. I left it out of my article because I didn’t think it’d be something that people would consider but maybe I was wrong on that.

      At the least it offers a temporary solution for those so inclined!


  2. Steven Williamson says:

    Totally agree it’s a very strange move to not release a hotfix immediately when they know exactly what the bug is. And then there’s the statement “ then thoroughly test everything for the upcoming Sim Update 3” – why start now? LOL! Seems like previous updates were not exactly “thoroughly tested”, I’m guessing due to internal only testing, small team, testers only looking for major bugs, testers having limited aviation knowledge so not noticing subtle bugs (like flaps lift). So ‘effectively’ there is a public beta test on every release.


  3. Peter says:

    Sad truth is MSFS is a POS that was not ready last Aug for the real world & not ready now. It is classic MS, Dump the product on the market when the development funds run out & then spend a chunk of the income to fix it up taking several years in the process. Its back to FSX for a year or so for me which looks fabulous good after floundering in MSFS for a few days.


  4. Jason Sissung says:

    Not sure where else to go but found this to be a starting point. If someone can direct me to a proper area then by all means please do so. The aircraft that came with the Deluxe edition has been flying great. The problem is when I purchased the PA-28 from the market and Justforflight. The PA-28 from Carenado will not take off. The Justforflight goes into an uncontrollable left bank with a max nose-down attitude. Please, how can I fix this?
    Thank you


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Hi Jason. I’m not well versed enough in MSFS technology to be fully adequate at providing support. The MSFS forums under support may be the better option.

      At the very least, double check your control axis assignment and ensure that you have Modern Flight model selected. Not legacy. A lot of people are doing that and most new aircraft will not fly properly.


  5. wpkgaba says:

    Is this issue fixed? I have msfs2020 with nordic update and I still this issue. I thought this should have been fixed in update 4.


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      It was fixed in a hot fix about two weeks after it came up. The issue you may be seeing is likely unrelated.

      Since release we’ve seen a gradual lessening of the ground effects propensity to keep you floating. It now feels very similar to X-Plane 11 when comparing Cessna 172s.


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