Asobo will be doing a hot fix to address flaps issue

Last week I reported that Asobo Studios had announced that there was a problem with the flaps in Microsoft Flight Simulator’s flight model and that the issue would be resolved in a few week’s time when they pushed out sim update 3. Plans have changed!

A hot fix is coming

Feedback from around the Flight Simulator community has been loud and it seems that Asobo Studios has listened in and is going to be making some changes to their plan. Originally, Asobo was planning to fix the issue with Sim Update but they have decided to change course.

To recap, we learned last week that World Update 3 introduced an issue with the flight model that meant that flaps were providing twice as much lift as they should be. The issue primarily affected aircraft when landing and meant that it was difficult to do proper landings – especially in some of the sims bigger aircraft.

Fortunately, the decision not to issue a hot fix has been countermanded and Asobo Studios will be putting one out next week. Here’s what they had to say:

Based on recent feedback from the community about the flaps issue that was introduced in World Update III, we decided to address the issue as quickly as we can and to publish a hotfix next week. As that will require thorough testing, we will be pushing back both Sim Update III and World Update IV by a week. Sim Update III is targeting early March and World Update IV is targeting early April. We appreciate your continued feedback on issues like this as we strive to do right by our community.

Asobo Studios

This is as I had suggested in my article and editorial last week. Delay the next updates and get a prompt fix on the flaps issues out the door as soon as possible. I think this is the right call, especially if there are other delays to the sim and world updates.

This issue and a few other sim update details are all part of the most recent developer update available here on Flight

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