New DCS: South Atlantic map image shows scale, scope

A new image has been released by the RAZBAM team showing off the latest scale and scope of the planned DCS: South Atlantic map. Going far beyond just the Falkland Islands, the size of the map has increased dramatically as we learned quite a bit about in the interview that Tactical Pascale did recently. Now we can visualize it. Let’s have a look!

Bigger and with more possibilities

Although there’s undoubtedly much work still to do, RAZBAM’s map and scenery team are pushing the limits of DCS’ engine with the DCS: South Atlantic map now expanding in scope to include the entire southern tip of South America including parts of Argentina and Chile. Here’s what RAZBAM had to say:

So today we have hit a milestone within the South Atlantic map. We have managed to get into the sim the whole of the bottom of Argentina and Chile.just to give you some scale, the map is now 412,800 sq nautical miles.If you ever wanted to fly down the Straits of Magellan ……….

RAZBAM on Facebook

Definitely impressive!

Why go so big?

The question a few might ask is why expand the scale of the map to be so large? That’s a good question and I think there are a couple of answers that might appeal.

First, I think the initial expansion to incorporate Argentina is a good one. It allows for full length missions for those who want to simulate the Argentinian side of the conflict. That’s a good enough reason I think to expand to at least a slightly larger size.

RAZBAM are, however, pressing for bigger and here’s at least one more reason why they are going for it. It should add value for the money by expanding the possibility for doing more conflicts and more hypothetical scenarios in the region. It’s not nearly as well known as other areas so whatever hypothetical scenario here would require a bit more imagination but it does really open the door to a place in the world that isn’t the hills and mountains of the Caucasus, nor the deserts of Persian Gulf, Nevada and to some extent Syria. This is something different.

A more modern conflict could easily make use of the other sections of the map. The Chilean Air Force has F-5’s and F-16’s which are both, of course, available in DCS World. Meanwhile, Argentina’s current fixed wing jet inventory has largely dried up. However, after pursuing and being unable to procure the FA-50 from South Korea, Argentina is currently now looking to buy the JF-17 from Pakistan. So, F-16’s vs JF-17’s in the skies over South America. That’d be different.

Look for more updates from RAZBAM on this and other projects on their Facebook page.

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  1. Ken says:

    This area, as you say, could be the host of some very interesting scenarios, e.g. a Falklands War with different aircraft operated by the factions etc. But I have to admit that I’d rather see a map of the North Cape area. Northern Norway and the Kola peninsula could make for some very interesting Cold War gone hot scenarios with NATO in Northern Norway, F-16, F-5, F-15 all have histories of being operated or deployed in the region. Then the Hornets and Tomcats in carriers. Kola could house all eastern Bloc aircraft.

    I hope this happens one day. This map with a dynamic campaign is my wet DCS dream.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      That’d be a great map! The old F-14 Fleet Defender had a Kola Peninsula scenario and it was my favourite hypothetical situation.


  2. Urgent Siesta says:

    the Chile / Argentina area is quite similar in geography to Norway & Sweden – all the coastal fjords, glaciers, high mountains & HUGE lakes will make for some exciting potential battlefields for aircraft of all types.

    And think of the truly challenging non-combat canyon carving flights/races, helo ops, sightseeing, etc. that will be possible in those areas.

    I know RB said Chile/Argentina will be less detailed than Malvinas/Falklands, but as long as they get the mountains, valleys and fjords right, it could be incredibly interesting air combat.

    I could even see playing hide and seek with Carrier Battle Groups in there, or having Kuznetsov and Nimitz face off across the tip of Argentina, etc., etc.

    Only thing that’s a possible downer is that there will only be a couple (literally, IIRC…) airfields on the mainland. But hey, none of this was in the plan before anyway.

    In any case, be interesting to see how the map performs vs the others. Theoretically, i guess, all the water and also lack of cities a la Syria will be a benefit there.

    Good stuff – now hopefully Marianas is not too far off, either!


  3. CanadaOne says:

    Now that’s a map!

    I admit that tourism is my first thought here; I just want to fly through the mountains in a fast mover. But I’m sure I’ll find something to blow up.


  4. Fernando says:

    I’m from Argentina and I’m VERY HAPPY with this news! Thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Looks like it will be a great map for all kinds of reasons. Glad to share the news!


    2. CanadaOne says:

      I’m from… well, you know that already, and it will be a pleasure to fly over your country. But now that we’ve met, I’ll feel bad about dropping any bombs. Just tourism then. Looking forward to a visit.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Blue 5 says:

    *Mumble mumble* Baltic / Korea might have been better choice *mumble mumble*


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