Tactical Pascale interviews RAZBAM about DCS: South Atlantic

DCS World community member and YouTube creator has put together a fantastic interview with members of the RAZBAM team talking about their work on DCS: South Atlantic. It’s a great listen and it gives a great understanding of how and why the team is doing this area of DCS World.

Expanding scope and technology

In the interview, Pascale interviews several members of the RAZBAM team including RAZBAM CEO Ron Zambrano. The team sounds upbeat and excited about future development with DCS World and with the technology that they are pushing forward with their new map.

There’s a few things that pop out as a summary for this interview including some of these notes that I’ve taken:

  • Size has expanded to include a much wider region
  • If possible, the team is planning to release two versions: one with Stanley as it is now, and another that’s more like the situation in 1982
  • The reason for the modern setting is because the small airfield was not suitable for modern combat jets and so the map would be of more limited use
  • Pushing the limits of DCS map creation and are working with ED on pushing the limits of the dev kit
  • Assets pack will include a long list of Royal Navy and Argentinian Navy assets
  • The map creators are using average PC hardware, the scale and detail of the map will still work even without a “super computer”

The interview also includes plenty of new video from flying over the map and lots of details revealed on the background of the project. It’s a great interview and worth a listen!

This interview has me more interested and more optimistic about DCS: South Atlantic than I have been in some time. I look forward to more updates from RAZBAM on the map as it moves towards a more finished state. Look out for more on that soon hopefully!

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  1. Gretsch_Man says:

    The new terrain certainly looks rather impressive. Looking forward to the maps release.


  2. CanadaOne says:

    I’m sure I’ll buy it because I want every map there is, but I’m still not that excited by it. And the guy saying he hopes it will be out this year is a bit rough. Does it really take years to make a map? Then again, what the hell do I know. But after all that time and effort it better be one hell of a map.


  3. Simfan says:

    My guess is that normally map development does indeed take years, and surely since just one guy seems to be working on it. IMHO I even think it is incredible given the fact that is seems to have been in true development for only 2 years ! I personally would not know how to start on such a big and detailed environment (in fact of any area, be it Falklands or elsewhere). This sure is another must buy (for me). The RAZBAM Harrier is a piece of art, whatever some hardcore simmers think of it. I expect this Falklands / South America map to be nothing less !


    1. CanadaOne says:

      Well if they can do a good job with the mountains, and have at least one or two good sized airfields on the mainland, I’ll be happy. And yes, the Harrier is da bomb!

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  4. Jimbob says:

    Still awaiting a reply from an email i sent RAZBAM for a complaint. wont be buying from them soon


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