1CGS give us first look at Normandy map

The first look at a map is always exciting. We saw a peak at some mountains for Kuban and a look at different seasons with the Rhineland map and this time we’re getting a first look at what Normandy’s map is going to look like. We also have confirmation that the Rhineland map for IL-2: Battle of Bodenplatte is getting some upgrades too. Let’s check it out!

Sneak peek time

This week’s IL-2 developer diary was focused on maps. After a look at some landmarks last week, this week we got to see the first screenshot of the map itself. The screenshot shows Le Havre, a large coastal port city, located not too far from the Normandy invasion beaches.

Already showing is plenty of urban detail, something we’ve gotten used to on the Rhineland map but looking no less impressive here. This is still the early days of work on this so there’s still work to come on this. The update speaks to some of the work still ongoing.

Our map development team always tries to find new ways to improve the landscape elements, and now, working on the Normandy map, they are researching new techniques of terrain texturing, coastline composition, keeping in mind the differences in the architecture and city layout between the two sides of the Channel, attempting to recreate more detailed railway junctions and many other things.

1CGS developer diary

On that last point, the more detailed rail junctions, the devs are working hard on not just the Normandy map but also the Rhineland map. While I like the Rhineland map, some have rightly pointed out that there are some simplifications in some areas. These are things that the team just couldn’t get to during the prior development cycle but that are being tackled now.

The screenshot below shows the Antwerp rail junction. It’s jumped a few layers of detail above what it was before with new sidings and buildings. Have a look!

Great to see the Normandy map for the first time and see that the Rhineland map is getting some upgrades too. Good news and a great way to end out a week. Read the whole update here!

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  1. Det says:

    Somewhat OT, Sham…but…

    I imagine, like most people, I picked this title up for the likes of the 410, Mossie, and C6. The whole Normandy as a theater after Bodenplatte didn’t make much sense upon announcement, at least for me. Perhaps if they had done Normandy first followed by Bodenplatte my excitement would’ve been, well, actual excitement. But I digress.

    This leaves me wondering what’s next. Bf 109 and Fw 190 fatigue is real, and we still haven’t seen a decent bomber update for any of the sides (A-20 doesn’t count) currently represented since BoS. Just more and more fighters, nonstop fighters. On top of that they’ve nearly exhausted the available theaters and or their potential associated assets. I suppose they could do a late Italy theater next, but is anyone really interested in a Bf 109 G10 or Fw 190 A7?

    The Pacific isn’t an option given the lack of IJN/IJA performance data and of course the severe engine limitations make simulating carrier operations impossible. So where do they go from here?


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Hey Det! There’s a lot you’ve covered there. The first is excitement from release order and this I just don’t understand. Bodenplatte or Normandy, they could do it in either order and I’d be overjoyed to see the western front tactical air war given the treatment I’ve been hoping to see for decades. It lets me finally relive the best parts of Aces Over Europe.

      I’m still very hopeful for a couple more flyable bombers to arrive in the series. Fingers are crossed for that!

      As for where they go from here, I’m not sure but there have been calls in the community for an Italian campaign and a late eastern front campaign. MC.205, G.55, Yak-3 and La-7 have all been mentioned. So has the SM.79 and the Tu-2S in addition to the usual asks for B-25, B-26 and A-20G. Also, you’d be surprised for the calls in the community for a Bf109G-10 or Fw190A-9. Some may be fatigued but die hard fans of those aircraft want them – I’ve seen calls for both even in the last 48 hours.

      So it’s hard to take the temperature on this. Everyone has their focus, a lot of people are quietly happy to just fly fighters. The dedicated bomber groups would like some more variety there and at least a few of us are pulling for a C-47 so we can have some parity with the Ju52. Those paradrop missions on Finnish feel wrong when you’re in a Ju52 on the allied side.

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