Aerosoft announces CRJ release date, new tutorial videos published

Fans of Aerosoft’s CRJ project for Microsoft Flight Simulator should be rejoicing about now as news has come from Aerosoft themselves that the CRJ will be available for release in the Microsoft Flight Simulator Marketplace and on the Aerosoft store on Tuesday March 16, 2021. This is what Aerosoft had to say about it plus we have new video tutorials showing off the different features of the jet as well. Let’s check it out!

Release confirmed

As written above, we now have confirmation from Aerosoft’s Mathijs Kok that the CRJ 550/700 are coming to Microsoft Flight Simulator on March 16.

We are excited to announce that the Aerosoft CRJ 550/700 for the Microsoft Flight Simulator will be released on Tuesday March 16, 2021 as the first complex and highly detailed aircraft expansion. The expansion will be available as a download from the Aerosoft Shop and the Microsoft Flight Simulator Marketplace at the same time.

Mathijs Kok on the Aerosoft forums

The 900/1000 variant is also expected to arrive sometime after the initial launch.

Based on prior releases, the base package with the CRJ 550/700 will cost €42 (plus taxes) and you’ll be able to add the CRJ 900/1000 for €16.75 as an expansion.

Training tutorials now available

Aerosoft has partnered with The Dude on YouTube who has done a ‘Come Fly With Me’ series that covers the CRJ in-depth. Based on the knowledge on display, The Dude is likely a CRJ pilot or someone who knows the jet inside and out.

Several episodes have released on his channel including these three that I wanted to highlight. Check out his channel for the rest.


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