Asobo teases new aircraft in their last Q&A

I’m a bit behind some of the news that’s been coming out because the pace has been fast and furious. If you already watched the Q&A you already know some of the latest details including the tease from Asobo Studios that they are working on at least one new aircraft. If you haven’t had a chance to watch the latest Q&A, here are some details that I’ve summarized.

Notes from the latest update

There’s a lot going on with Asobo Studios on Microsoft Flight Simulator. The biggest announcement was that Working Title Simulations has joined official development on the sim. But there’s other work being done too including on the testing system for future patches, a community section for the Marketplace, and a few more details on World Update 4. These are my notes:

  • Flight model updates ongoing
  • Altimeter temperature is being added
  • Saved and exportable controller profiles is being worked on
  • Working Title Simulations has joined the team and is working on G1000/3000 updates
  • Making good progress for a community section in the Marketplace so that mods like FlyByWire A320neo can appear there, scenery gateway will also be part of this
  • World Update 4 (France & Benelux)
    • 100 new POI’s
    • New procedural buildings
    • Paris and Amsterdam photogrammetry
  • A new aircraft is being worked on
  • Work on weather continues, months long efforts to update the system
  • A lot of work on memory optimization is underway which is being driven in part by the Xbox release
  • Sim Update 4 and World Update 5 will be combined to reduce number of builds and improve testing
  • Third party developers are going to be part of the testing

If you want to get the straight to the interview and listen in for yourself, check the latest developer Q&A.

A new aircraft?

We have absolutely no more information than what was dropped during the Q&A. Jorg Neumann teased that they are working on something but almost nothing else was revealed. We know that Asobo Studios is going to release helicopters and gliders at some point but it seems too early for those. One thing I do hope, however, is that it’s not a minor variation on something we already have but something new.

So, what is it? I do like a good mystery and a fun little tease like this so we’ll see what they are up to. What do you think it is? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Conan says:

    Dear Asobo
    Please under no circumstance release a new aircraft!
    The existing aircrafts are unable to fly properly! so please fix the existing first.


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Hi Conan,

      While I understand the sentiment I don’t necessarily agree that they shouldn’t release new aircraft and I have three reasons why.

      1) Issues with the aircraft being “unable to fly properly” (and I’m not sure which issues you may be referring) are something that specialist programmers would need to tackle. The art, sound, and other non-specialists in that specific area wouldn’t be involved. Developers are not monolithic.

      2) We’ve often seen Asobo Studios produce aircraft around a variety of archetypes. Role, engine, airframe style, etc. This is speculative, however, the new aircraft they may be building may infact be part of an expansion in flight model, engine model, or some other archetypal component and could offer a net benefit to the specialist programmers.

      3) None of us have infront of us the project managers overview of what’s going on inside the studio. There are often dependencies on one piece of work being done before another can be started. Meanwhile, there are often spaces in the schedule where other parts of the team need work. Because we don’t have that overview, it’s rather hard to direct resources as arm chair project managers.

      The latest Q&A indicate that there are improvements coming in multiple different areas. I see this as positive and evidence that the sim continues to evolve. Looking forward to the next updates!


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