Aerobask’s Phenom 300 makes progress

It’s been a while since I was excited about an X-Plane aircraft release but Aerobask, one of my favourite developers for the platform, have recaptured my attention with their development and imminent release of the Phenom 300. Additional screenshots have appeared on the development thread showing off liveries and the dev team have answered a few key questions about the product as it closes in on release.

Livery eye candy and more

Plenty of screenshots have surfaced over the last few days with Forum members ryanbatc and PeeWeeSweden posting images featuring the different liveries that will be available with the Phenom 300 as well as some updated shots of the cockpit interior.

Let’s have a look at what’s been released so far!

That’s looking pretty slick!

More details and resources

X-Plane has so few business jets that any new release tends to attract attention. Now Aerobask has two on the way (together with the Falcon 8X which is a much bigger project) I can see there’s already considerable attention in the community being put towards this going by the number of posts on the forum.

Aerobask has previously announced the feature list and a target release date of late March although no guarantees were given and said that it could slip. More recently, one of their chief developers has shown off a teaser of the IESI startup process. It’s not much but it is something!

The developers have also noted that documentation will be coming out ahead of the aircraft and is being written by a Phenom 300 pilot. They have also noted that the flight model has been tweaked thanks to input from a current pilot.

There’s also some YouTube videos that have been compiled of Phenom avionics in action that might be of interest to some of you.

Keep an eye on the official announcement thread for release information.

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  1. Urgent Siesta says:

    It’s surprising to me that biz jets aren’t more popular in XP (or P3D for that matter). I like to go fast and get into small, challenging airports, so biz jets were always an interest for me.

    But it gets old having to learn a completely different set of avionics whenever an interesting new aircraft comes out, so the G1000 is exactly why I bought the Carenado P3D Phenom instead of any other biz jet.

    Only thing I wish is that this jet had thrust reversers so it could get into even shorter airports.

    Looks like Aerobask is bringing this to a very high visual standard and I’d probably go for this over their Falcon for the same reason I did in P3D.

    I’ll have to admit though, that it’s gonna be hard to pry me away from the Citation Longitude in MSFS, even given it’s inaccuracies (which are being steadily reduced…).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      In MSFS the business jets have become my favourite type to fly as well! They get to the next airport quickly, they are far sportier to fly than airliners, and they just look cool.

      And you’re absolutely right about the unique avionics being a bit of an impediment to enjoyment. Having a slightly customized G1000 makes this immediately familiar! Very excited to check this out!


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