GAZ AA truck and Bodenplatte map upgrades take form

1CGS is reporting that their work on the GAZ Collector AA truck is nearly complete and that their map team has made impressive progress improving the detailing of the strategically important railway networks around the Bodenplatte map. This all part of this week’s developer diary. Let’s have a look at what you need to know!

Bodenplatte map is getting some upgrades

We learned a couple of weeks ago that the 1CGS map team was upgrading the Bodenplatte map and now we have some more details as the team has improved the details for strategically important rail networks around the map.

In particular, the railway stations and yards Cologne, Brussels, Bonn, Duisburg, Liege, Mainz, and Frankfurt am Mein are shown in screenshots including these three images from the update.

GAZ nearly ready?

It sure sounds like the GAZ-MM mobile AA truck is nearly ready for its debute as the latest developer diary shows a nearly completed truck. The diary reports that the physical model is ready, the animations are in, as are the weapons and damage model.

Some remaining tweaks to the visual appearance and the addition of the new ‘DVD’ visual damage technology that was revealed last week make it sound like there isn’t much left to do on this vehicle. I’m expecting that this Collector Vehicle, which was revealed in the fall of last year, will be coming relatively soon with it’s German counterpart not too long after that.

Check out these screenshots and then see the rest over at the developer diary.

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