Just Flight makes the 146 Professional ready to fly

If you’re looking for the newest airliner on the block in X-Plane 11, Just Flight has just released their new 146 Professional onto their store. This recreation of the BAe 146 airliner was done in partnership with Thranda Design and here are some details that you might want to know about.

Key release details

Announced as closing in on release just a few weeks ago, Just Flight have now released their 146 Professional for X-Plane 11 and it comes with a bunch of key features for those looking for a new airliner for their virtual hangar and want something different than the usual array of Airbuses and Boeings.

Here’s what Just Flight has to say about their new aircraft.

This 146 ‘Whisper Jet’ package features eight variants of this classic British airliner: the 100 to 300 passenger variants, the 200QC and QT, 300 QT, RAF CC.Mk2 ‘Statesman’ and C.Mk3, offering a wide variety of configurations, ranges and flight operations across the globe.

The exterior models are stunningly detailed, featuring 4096 textures for incredible clarity and Physical Based Rendering (PBR) materials to produce realistic metallic, plastic and glass surfaces. Realistic animations include trailing-edge flap mechanisms, all passenger and cargo doors, spoilers and large tail-mounted airbrake.

The Captain and First Officer cockpit positions are modelled with hundreds of functional switches, knobs and controls. The aircraft features complex and detailed custom-coded systems, including hydraulic, electrical, fuel and pressurisation, and the cockpit is also fitted with a functional Thrust Management System (TMS) and comprehensive navigation equipment including an FMC.

The aircraft are brought to life with immersive dynamic lighting and 3D sounds, with unique flight dynamics for each variant and custom effects from condensation and contrails to realistic exterior lighting.

The 146 was flown all around the world and over 30 airline liveries from the UK, USA, Europe and Australia are included.

Just Flight have put out a launch trailer that shows off the new aircraft to good effect.

Several community members have also put together some initial videos of the aircraft that show it off in detail.

Quite a bit of interest

It does seem that this new entry into the X-Plane 11 airliner collection has made a bit of a splash and I think the chief reasons are the detailed modeling that Thranda Design is known for as well as the unique nature of the BAe 146. It’s not one of the more typical airliners and that makes it both a unique entry as well as one that brings with it a fair bit of history. It’s wide use by several carriers in Europe and beyond also add to the interest level.

If this sounds like an aircraft for you, it’s available from Just Flight for $74.99 USD.

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  1. Jonathon Coughlin says:


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  2. Novice-Flyer says:

    Before COVID I used to work as a Ramp Agent at an airport in B.C. for Air Canada Jazz, and there were these senior guys who said that back when they started in the early 2000s the Bae 146 would fly there quite often, but it would burn a lot of fuel.
    A fact about this plane is that the emergency brakes make it prone to hydroplaning.

    And because there’s a picture, a fact is that in 1987 there was a recently terminated employee who boarded a PSA Bae 146 with a handgun because back then if you worked for an airline you could bypass security, which is what this man did. After the plane reached cruising altitude he shot his former boss, a flight attendant, the 2 pilots, before pushing the plane into a dive and possibly shooting an off-duty pilot with the final bullet. The wreckage did not resemble an airplane at all.

    If you ever go on an airplane today, this is why you see the pilots and flight attendants being screened.

    I downloaded this plane on FSX many years ago and had lots of fun with it.


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    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      That’s an incredible and absolutely wild story there. Thanks for sharing. I don’t remember that happening at all… I’m sure it was major news.


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