New Aviat Husky A-1C coming to MSFS from Asobo

Yesterday’s Q&A with Asobo Studios has revealed another new aircraft coming from the studio and intended for release into the Marketplace. This time it’s a light utility aircraft in the form of the Aviat Husky A-1C! Here’s what we know.

Husky to the skies

The 650 plus Aviat Husky A-1 tandem seat, high wing, light utility aircraft that have been built so far make it one of the best selling light aircraft designs to come out of the 1980’s. The Husky A-1C has been modified into performing several different roles including a version with pontoons for seaplane operations and variations that have the larger mud tires for true bush plane flying. Now, the Husky is coming to Microsoft Flight Simulator.

This will be Asobo’s second release into the store after the Top Rudder 103 Solo was released just recently.

Head of Microsoft Flight Simulato, Jorg Neumann, had some cryptic comments during the Q&A about why they were choosing to create this aircraft saying, “There are a couple of reasons of why this is being done.” He goes on to say, “There are going to be some things associated with this plane that we can’t talk about…”

There are a lot of ways this could go but Asobo has typically made an effort to create an aircraft that also enhances the underlying core technology of the sim and makes it better for third party developers too so this will undoubtedly carry something forward.

We can of course speculate as to what the feature or features may be. Because of its light aircraft status, the potential for it to be a sea plane, and the possibility for larger tires making it a true bush plane would potentially open the door to enhanced simulation around those features. Better water handling? Simulating mud or uneven surfaces? Configurable seaplane/mud tires/etc. on the fly ala X-Plane 11? Maybe it’s something simpler like a separate bush plane adventure that is exclusive to the Husky? Hard to say.

More will, no doubt, be revealed closer to its release date.

Release date?

The aircraft is slated to release sometime in August at this point and Jorg Neumann stated that they will be charging a fair price for it. I would expect it may even undercut some other payware aircraft out there if the $9.99 USD Top Rudder 103 Solo is anything to go by.

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  1. Doctor Drago says:

    Nice! Bush planes will always be welcome here…

    Liked by 2 people

    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Agreed! I get way more excited about these types of aircraft than the airliners.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Ian says:

    Friday night post beer speculation: glider towing? skis?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Yes, I like where that is heading 🙂


  3. Tom says:

    A lot of people are whining about the saturation of tailwheel bush planes in MSFS, but as a supercub owner, I say, the more the merrier! I’m totally stoked for the upcoming Husky, and can’t wait to play with it. I earned my tailwheel endorsement in a Husky, and I loved it! its like a supercub with glider wings! Almost.. 😉


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Thanks for the comments Tom! I agree, I love bushplanes and I’m so glad that MSFS has leaned into providing support and fun experiences for these aircraft. The Husky looks like terrific fun!


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