Fokker D.VIII focus of IL-2 dev update, new update imminent

It’s just a small developer update this week but after the big C-47 and Flying Circus collector plane announcement midweek, that hardly seems like a bad thing. This update is mostly focused on the visuals of the Fokker D.VIII. We’ve also learned that the new patch has a planned release date.

Fokker D.VIII

The Fokker D.VIII, a high-winged mono-plane fighter, is rare sight in World War I air battles dominated by bi-plane and tri-plane fighters. So the Fokker D.VIII should be an interesting type to take into battle.

Used late in the war, this aircraft should be an interesting match versus many of the Entente fighters of the time.

Patch coming soon

According to today’s update, both the Fokker D.VIII above and the Hawker Typhoon Mark IB are due to arrive in the next update for IL-2: Great Battles. That patch is, if testing goes well, due to arrive next week!

That’s a bit sooner than I had expected as I put the two aircraft in a mid-month release spot in my mind. This is good news for sure and I’m looking forward to the arrival of both Typhoon and Fokker D.VIII.


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  1. harryvoyager says:

    Very cool.

    It will be interesting to see how the D.8 plays. Greg’s Airplanes and Autos had pointed out that most of the Dr.1’s climb rate was from the propeller pitch being turned for fast climb.

    I’m wondering if the D.8 will end up being more like an update Dr.1 than the D.7?

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    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      That’s an interesting comment indeed! I’m not sure what to expect with this aircraft having never flown it in Rise of Flight so it’s going to be fun to check it out.


      1. Doctor Drago says:

        The DVIII was one of my favorites in RoF, it was indeed a lot like a manageable Dr.1-superb handling without the constant terror. Looking forward to it massively! And Tiffie too, of course! Falaise Pocket, here we come…

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    2. Blue 5 says:

      The DR/1 has very low wing-loading (and quite high aspect-ration wings) which resulted in excellent low-speed climb performance (but, being draggy and under-powered, relatively poor zoom climb). The commend often made is that it climbed ‘like a lift’, ie fast and with little forward motion. The prop pitch would likely be finer than for other aircraft simply because it was not ever going to go so fast and hence its design was based around medium-speed flying: a coarser angle would probably have inhibited its performance.

      IIRC, the D.VIII was a very good all-rounder, being a little slower than an SE / SPAD, climbing a bit worse than the Dr.1s and turning a bit worse than a Camel but turning better than an SE etc. Good companion to a D.VII and with great view and iconic looks. Dangerous little beasty. Future FM Ritter von Griem was an ace in one, I think.

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