Flight Simulator comes to the Xbox plus free Top Gun Maverick add-on!

We knew that Microsoft Flight Simulator was coming to the Xbox and today has been a day of big reveals for Microsoft and other parts of the games industry. A new trailer released today showing off and advertising the sim on Xbox… and then it took a turn and revealed a new Top Gun Maverick add-on to the sim that’s coming for free! What? Yep! Let’s have a look!

Maverick comes to Flight Simulator

The Xbox Series X|S gameplay trailer was released today. The 2 minute and 22 second trailer contains many of the usual beats that were familiar with on PC trailers for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Some things that were new are various new liveries that we haven’t seen before including a few that appear right on the thumbnail for the new trailer.

New seaplanes also make an appearance including a modified X-Cub with floats. There also appear to be new wake effects for seaplanes and ski equipped aircraft too. That’s exciting to see as Microsoft Flight Simulator continues to mature as a platform.

Then as we hear what we think are the last notes of the trailer song, there is another beat and the familiar chime from the Top Gun Maverick trailer music and the whole mood of the trailer takes a turn as we are shown a Nimitz class carrier, an F/A-18E Super Hornet on both the inside and out and even the mysterious spy-plane that appears in the movie trailer. Yep, that makes an appearance here too!

Top Gun Maverick is coming to theatres and to Microsoft Flight Simulator in the fall of 2021! Check out the trailer below and stay tuned for more details as they are released by Microsoft and by the team at Asobo.


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  1. Novice-Flyer says:

    I’m not really that keen on seeing Top Gun: Maverick when it comes out, primarily because it has been over 30 years since Top Gun came out; it’s just me but I feel that if it’s been 10 years since a movie came out and there is no sequel or no sequel in production, then no sequel should be made. But that’s just how I feel, and sometimes it has worked.
    All the errors that Top Gun had like “Watch the birdie”, “I was in a -4G dive” (you would be unconscious if that happened), “Hit the brakes”, or when Maverick flies across the deck of the carrier with his hook down and the hook never grabs onto any of the cables, and when Maverick goes below the “hard-deck”, commonly referred to as today as “The floor”, and then buzzes the tower even though the controller denied it, they only get chewed out for going below the floor, make me a bit skeptical of watching this of watching this movie.

    But if it turns out to be good I’ll watch it.


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