World Update V: Nordics out today, plus MSFS coming to Xbox July 27

Microsoft Flight Simulator World Update V is out and this one covers the Nordic countries of Europe with dozens of new landmarks, custom airports, and improvements to scenery all over the place. We’re also learning more about the Xbox release that is coming July 27. Let’s dig into the details!

World Update V

Rugged terrain and a whole new area of Europe is receiving the world update treatment in World Update V for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The update includes updates for Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden.

The terrain of the region has been upgraded and 100 airports have been enhanced and 77 points of interest have been added. There are also 5 bush trips (one for each country) and 5 new landing challenges.

An absolutely huge list of airports and points of interest are included in this update from Microsoft and Asobo right here.

Xbox release on July 27

The other big news is that on July 27, Microsoft Flight Simulator will release on to Xbox Series X|S bringing the sim to a whole new platform and potentially to new audiences.

We have learned some interesting details from the Xbox Games Showcase video with Jorg Neumann showing up at the 1 hour 9 minute mark to talk about MSFS on console. We have learned some interesting details including news that MSFS will be essentially the same client on both PC and Xbox. Controller support differs on the Xbox but the impressive power of the new consoles will apparently be able to handle the sim at 30fps.

If you bought MSFS from the Microsoft Store, you’ll also have access to this version right away which is a nice bonus for people with both console and PC.

Aircraft from Asobo/Microsoft sold in the Marketplace will also have standard support on both platforms and other third party developers can choose to support and offer marketplace support for Xbox as well.

Jorg also talks about the Top Gun Maverick free addon and about some new features being added including improved training modules, new assistants to help you fly the plane, and new features such as floats and skies for some aircraft. In the Xbox trailer we saw the XCub equipped with both floats and skis.

There were also a lot of new liveries shown off in the trailer and although Jorg didn’t talk about that, Blu from Blu Games theorized that MSFS may be getting a livery creator. Perhaps something similar to the technologies in the Forza series is my thought.

Watch Jorg at the Xbox Games Showcase below and check out the weekly update from Asobo here.


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  1. BlueHeron says:

    Great update. Once correction, Jorg’s interview starts closer to the 59 minute mark.

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    1. ADorante says:

      Maybe another correction: In the Headline “World Update”?

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      1. ShamrockOneFive says:

        Well that one went right past me 🙂 Thanks for the spot!

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