Flight sim news round-up for June 19th

Another week has passed by and as usual there’s a few news stories that I haven’t had a chance to write about yet so here they are all rounded up.

Orbx offers Iceland mesh for free

A nice little surprise for Microsoft Flight Simulator fans as Orbx offers their Iceland Mesh product for free. This follows their New Zealand mesh which seeks to use much higher resolution DEM data to add subtle terrain details to the available satellite imagery.

Those on the fence about what an upgraded DEM can do for the scenery should definitely compare and contrast what this free package is like. I know I will be!

MiG-23MLA for DCS moves a bit further forward

RAZBAM’s MiG-23MLA project has not been moving forward all that quickly but it appears that progress is once again underway and Ron Zambrano, the CEO of RAZBAM, tweeted these new images showing the latest. It’s the best we’ve seen this model yet.

Tiny Combat Arena to be published by Microprose

I’ve been following indie developer Why485 on Twitter for a while now and watching a near constant stream of updates on the progress of this retro style flight sim title that’s been under development for a while now.

With retro style graphics but what appears to be very sophisticated physics, Tiny Combat looks like a lot of fast action fun. It’s now officially being published by Microprose and will be coming out on Steam.

PMDG publishes DC-6 for MSFS for $55 USD

PMDG’s first major Microsoft Flight Simulator product is out and it’s the impressive Douglas DC-6 airliner. Although many are awaiting the release of PMDG’s other airliner projects, the DC-6 has attracted a lot of attention for its attention to detail and classic lines.

It’s being sold at a relatively modest (for a highly detailed airliner) $55 USD from the PDMG store right now.

Asobo working on a Ju52?

On Asobo’s Twitch Q&A stream, it was apparently announced that Asobo was partnering with a developer to bring the Ju52 to Microsoft Flight Simulator. The developer is apparently Oliver Edmund Moser, the same person who brought a Ju52 to X-Plane 11. The type is expected around the time of the next world update, which, is focused on Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Very fitting!

See this thread for some of the details released so far. More to come on this story when I have it.

Did a miss something?

These are some of the stories that have come up this week. Did I miss something? Give me a shout in the comments.

Have a great weekend all!


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Firdimigdi says:

    Tiny Combat Arena looks just like Dogfight looked like in my mind’s eye in ’93! That too was a Microprose title. Come to think of it, it was also very likely my first multiplayer – well 1:1 duel since we’d dial each other’s modems – modern flight sim experience, vector graphics and all.


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Yeah absolutely! It reminds me of F29 Retaliator by Ocean and a bit of Flanker 1.0 as well. Definitely connects with that age of sim.


    2. Doctor Drago says:

      Seeing those graphics with a Microprose logo on the front is peak 1996…flying that with my modern HOTAS is going to be a weird trip!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. ShamrockOneFive says:

        Agreed! It should be a fun nostalgic trip!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Fernando says:

    Tiny Combat Arena will be a insta buy for me. Make me remember my Amiga 500 sims (still play em somedays) but with super FPS hehe. Hope they will add usable ground vehicles for total enjoyment

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      This looks like a great little sim project and the developer is doing some fantastic work on it. I’ll be writing more about it between now and release!


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