RAZBAM shows Bo 105 updates

The story of the Bo 105 helicopter for DCS World is a long one. Images and even video has been shown off at various points over the last several years and it has once again resurfaced with some new images. Let’s check in and see how it looks.

New images, few details

New images of the cockpit and many of the fine details within the cockpit have surfaced thanks to an update on RAZBAM’s Facebook page. The texture work is impressive and shows a lot of care that’s being put into this helicopter. Have a look at some of the screenshots below.

When to expect this new helicopter

Although these images are looking good, there’s also a question on when (or if?) this project will ever come to our hard drives. This Miltech-5/RAZBAM joint project has a greater chance of success than it did a couple of years ago when it seemed like the project was being kept alive by a single artist. With no programmer, things seemed at a standstill until RAZBAM announced that they would partner up with Miltech-5 and help make it happen. Check out this story from a few years ago where new life was being injected into the Bo-105 project.

The inevitable question of when this will come out still remains as murky as ever with Ron Zambrano replying to a message on Twitter with the following.

So… sometime, eventually, an hopefully! When it does, I think a lot of folks will be happy to see another fun looking helicopter for DCS World.

Check out these screenshots and more over on the RAZBAM Facebook page.


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  1. Gretsch_Man says:

    I think the Bo 105 would contribute to the helicopter lineup in DCS. Hopefully the module will make it.

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