ED details some enhancements to Petrovich AI on the Mi-24

Eagle Dynamics is working away on some enhancements to the DCS: Mi-24P Hind project and a lot of them are centered around your AI co-pilot named ‘Petrovich’. Some new capabilities have arrived with the most recent patch and more are on the way. Let’s have a look.

Petrovich learning new tricks

In this DCS World Weekend News update, we’ve learned about some new tricks that the Petrovich AI will be able to pull off soon.

One of those new tricks is countermeasures which the AI will be “responsible” for and be able to select the appropriate type when called upon. An interface with the ASO-2V panel is currently being worked on.

A delay in Petrovich’s response to commands has also been introduced to more accurately represent the time it would take to issue a command and for the pilot-observer position to be able to react.

Responses from Petrovich will now occur when reaching the specified course, altitude, or speed and some sort of rules of engagement will be implemented when it comes to firing ATGM’s.

The Hind also now has a ammo counter panel (lower right side).

According to the information from Eagle Dynamics, several other features are being worked on.

Looking ahead, our priorities are on Petrovich AI upgrades (including flying skills), further resolving de-sync issues in multiplayer, enhancing ATGM sight picture in VR and 2D, and improving overall key binding logic.

Nearly all of these responses are aimed at resolving some of the issues that have come up since release or that were planned from the beginning for post early access release development. Either way, the Mi-24 is making solid progress and with a few more of these features and fixes implemented, we should be in for a really impressive module.


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