Flight sim news round-up for July 3, 2021

Another week worth of flight sim news and here’s the latest stories that I hadn’t had a chance to report on during the week. For this round-up I only have three stories but they may be of interest to you including news on the DCS: F-16C HARM loadout, notice of Aeroplane Heaven’s C150 release, and a cool new GA aircraft for MSFS in the form of the aerobatic capable Yak-18T.

DCS: F-16C HARM loadout modifications

After a week where there was some controversy over loadouts of the DCS: AV-8B, there’s a similar albeit less controversial limitation for the DCS: F-16C. Matt Wagner provided an update on Monday saying that the F-16C is, after consulting with experts, is not wired to have AGM-88 HARM’s on stations 4 and 6 which brings its loadout down to just 2 launchable AGM-88’s.

A little update on HARM loading. After being provided ample evidence from those in the know, we have adjusted loading of the AGM-88. Whilst it will still be possible to load HARMs on the four stations, HARMs loaded on STA 4 and 6 will have no umbilical connection, and thus no communication with the MC. As such, you are fee to carry them, as indicated in some images and a loading chart, but they cannot be employed.

Matt Wagner

So, the F-16C will still be able to launch HARM’s (and with the HTS pod coming, it will become a very good platform at it) just not from two of the four stations that we’ve been launching them from currently.

I usually put fuel tanks on 4 and 6 so this may not be a huge loss to some. Others, may feel differently.

Aeroplane heaven releasing Cessna 140 for MSFS

Aircraft maker Aeroplane Heaven are set to release their Cessna 140 project this coming Monday. The aircraft will come with 8 liveries, a variety of cockpit styles, a bush plane version with bigger tires, and even a G1000 modification for those who want the modern avionics convenience paired with the classic style.

Keep an eye on Aeroplane Heaven’s Facebook page for the release announcement come Monday.

Yak-18T for MSFS available

Nemeth Designs have released their Yak-18T for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The GA aircraft is something a little different with its 400 hp engine, aerobatic rating, and unique Russian aesthetic. The aircraft is IFR capable, comes with 13 liveries, and the usual array of 4K PBR textures.

Learn more at the company’s website.


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  1. Skycat says:

    A hotfix for P3D v5.2 was released a couple of days ago. HiFi Simulations already has an update out for Active Sky P3D users.

    In other news, Nvidia’s 471.11 GeForce drivers cause FSX to crash.

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