Thanks for watching my webinar!

I wanted to write a brief note of thanks to everyone who came toCombat Flight Sim webinar tomorrow! (Updated) check out my webinar with Evan from the Flight Sim Association. As Evan noted during the introduction, I had about a day and a half to bring that presentation together and Evan and I were still working on some technical glitches and troubleshooting right up until about 5 minutes before things got started. Hopefully none of the rough edges showed!

I saw many great comments in the chat and some familiar names on there as well. I haven’t been able to review the live chat (I’m still trying to find out where YouTube is hiding that) but I did want to thank everyone for participating. If you do have questions and you want to reach out, feel free to let me know in the comments. If you’re new to the site, to combat flight sims or just flight simming in general and you enjoyed the cast, please don’t hesitate to comment as well!

Also, don’t forget that the FSA is doing a giveaway for Smoothtrack and Voice Attack and you can get double the number of entries with the code ‘stormbirds.’ Find out more at the Flight Sim Association.

If you want to watch the cast now that it’s complete, I’ve made the replay public on YouTube.

Thanks everyone!


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