IL-2 update 4.603 delayed a bit

Folks anticipating the next big update for the IL-2: Great Battles Series will need to wait a bit longer for some new content while the developers work on some last minute details. Here’s what we know.

A short delay

IL-2’s Executive Producer, Jason Williams, went on the forums this evening to indicate that update 4.603 would be delayed. Here’s what he said,

I apologize, but we need to delay the 4.603 update a short while as we work out last minute issues. We had hoped to have it out tomorrow, but it’s better we delay a short bit. Hopefully, just a day or two. Hang in there.

Jason Williams

The delay doesn’t sound particularly long or worrisome but instead seems to indicate that some small issue probably cropped up during last minute testing.

I am always of the opinion that it’s better to delay a patch than to release one on an artificial schedule and cause a lot of problems. We’ve seen that recently with another simulator and I think it’s always better to wait.

Update 4.603 does contain quite a few updates and four pieces of new content that Flying Circus Vol 2 and Tank Crew Collector Vehicle owners are going to really like.

Stay tuned for updates!


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