Challenges and accolades for MSFS with a look ahead

It should be no surprise to anyone that Microsoft Flight Simulator Update 5 had a troubled launch. A couple of hotfixes have solved some pressing issues but reports of crashes, lockups and other assorted bugs still seem to be dominating many community groups right now as both Asobo and the various third party developers adjust to the latest build. The sim has also received some accolades for its impressive performance and world simulation. Let’s have a look at both in light of the latest developer update and their plans for the future.

Update 5 is here and its on Xbox too

Update 5 for Flight Simulator was a big one for PC but it was also the update that introduced the sim to Xbox. While there are a few issues with Xbox (notably with mouse control) these days, by and large it appears to have been a successful launch on the platform with an influx of new players and more people trying out the sim for the first time.

Media outlets have largely praised the launch as well prompting Microsoft to release this Xbox Series X|S Accolades trailer. It’s nothing you haven’t seen already but it is worth noting.

For all of the challenges that some are facing and that many of us experience during the update process, a pair of hotfixes, some updated drivers, and some fixes from third parties has managed to restore the sim to a largely smooth running experience for what I would guess is most people. Many, myself included, are flying normally again.

The update process needs to be made smoother in the future but I’m glad we’re through the worst of it. That wasn’t fun.

More fixes on the way

One of the things I appreciate about Asobo Studios is that they do a really good job of being transparent with their schedule and with their updates. Although some statements like their most recent one from the latest developer update are neutral (and corporate), they also are clear with what they have coming up next.

First, they do report that they are tracking feedback and are preparing for fixes and improvements in the next update.

Our team continues to track your feedback after Sim Update 5 as we prep for more fixes and improvements coming your way in a few weeks with World Update 6!

Fortunately, World Update 6 is not far away. The roadmap lays out plans for it to release on August 24, just over a week from now. While the update is undoubtedly focused on the latest world update scenery package (focusing on Germany, Austria and Switzerland), it’s clear that the team at Asobo will make it an opportunity to fix some more bugs including those introduced in this update.

Flying out of the storm

Though these last few weeks have been rough for the sim, I have some high hopes that things will smooth out and we’ll have mostly adapted to the latest round of updates before too long. In the longer term, there will need to be more of an effort made to make these updates less challenging for the average user and I hope that Asobo and Microsoft allow sufficient developer time to do so.

Meanwhile, I am encouraged by the messaging and by Asobo’s efforts to right some wrongs and solve problems. We’ll get there!

In the meantime, check out the latest Developer Update.


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  1. Horstunger says:

    While I agree with your critical comment and been through my share of CTD’s and a clean reinstall, I think it’s a remarkable technical achievement to make MSFS run on a Xbox. Of course the process included some code rewrite with all the carnage that follows from that. Let’s hope it’s a one off because of the new platform. If it happens again it will seriously undermine the third party add on model.

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    1. Urgent Siesta says:

      It’s not all that amazing, actually – fs2020 was coded for xbox from the very beginning.

      Whereas on traditional simulators and to a lesser extent PC FS2020, essentially “anything goes” from a coding standpoint, xbox has strict development guidelines to ensure it works.

      So it’s actually the 3rd party developers who are going to have to get their act together and code to xbox standards, not the other way around.

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      1. ShamrockOneFive says:

        Yeah this is going to be a new challenge for third party developers and there will be some aircraft that just won’t be Xbox suitable. But there will be many that are and that’s exciting too.

        I think the accomplishment is less technical and more social. With an apparent success of a launch in the console market, we have a new group of people checking out flight sims. Some of them for the first time. That’s always exciting to me even if only 5-percent of them get into it more seriously.

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    2. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Absolutely no denying that there’s been an achievement here. I don’t think it’s technical so much as it is seemingly being successful at appealing to flight simulation to a whole new audience of people – not just console gamers but more casual types who may not want or be able to handle the fully realistic effects right away but can still jump in, have fun, and maybe even have a social experience around the TV. That’s cool!

      Hopefully things will be smoother in future updates.

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    3. Chris says:

      I had lots of CTD too. After reducing memory speed to 2133MHZ I think they vanished.

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  2. Chris says:

    @ Horstunger

    I had lots of CTD too. After reducing memory speed to 2133MHZ I think they vanished.

    Liked by 2 people

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