Carenado reports that fixes are coming for MSFS aircraft

Some developers are still working on resolving some issues with their aircraft after the release of Microsoft Flight Simulator Update 5. Carenado, one of the most prolific aircraft makers to date, is working on fixing all of their aircraft and have made a statement about it.

Fixes still incoming

Update 5 has changed a lot of the underlying code that drives aircraft in Flight Simulator and many developers are still making fixes to their aircraft. Carenado has released 7 aircraft for the sim already and fixes are taking some time to get into place.

At this point, it’s not clear what problems are cropping up for each aircraft but it seems likely that all are affected though the Cessna 170 and WYMF-5 have both seen updates soon after release and so may have fewer issues.

Here’s what Carenado had to say:

We continue working to fix the problems in our aircraft that arose with Update 5. We hope that these updates will be available in the next days. We are sorry for the inconvenience, thank you for your patience.

Still holding on a C170 review

The Cessna 170 has been good fun to fly but after Update 5, I’ve been struggling to have consistent flights in it without a crash to desktop. I would assume that this issue and others are affecting all aircraft so I’m holding out hope for some fixes to come into place sooner than later.

I’m going to continue to hold that review until I find out if the crash to desktop is an issue that Carenado needs to fix, one that I need to fix, or one that Asobo needs to fix. Plus there may be other issues I haven’t noticed yet and I want to give it a fair shake.

Stay tuned!


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