Eagle Dynamics show off a bit more of their DCS: AH-64D project

One of the next highly anticipated modern aircraft projects for DCS World is the DCS: AH-64D Longbow Apache. This helicopter has quietly been making progress and Eagle Dynamics is showing off more of it today with what appear to be functional displays and more cockpit details. Let’s check it out.

More cockpit shots

The latest cockpit shots appear to be fully in engine and showing the AH-64D’s cockpits off to good effect. Many of the systems appear to be working and displaying information which is definitely encouraging. I wouldn’t be too surprised if we start to see some videos from Eagle Dynamics in the not-to-distant future.

Though a Q3 early access release seems doubtful, we may yet see Eagle Dynamics release this helicopter into early access before the end of the year or perhaps next year as these things tend to go.

Also contained in the update are two images of what appears to be the 30mm M230 chain-gun.

The rest of today’s update focuses on parts of the history of the helicopter including the AH-64D’s impressive target track and engagement capabilities. Check it all out here!


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  1. CanadaOne says:

    Looks good, but I want the Blackshark 3.

    But I’d probably buy the Apache. As as dedicated flightsimhead, it’s hard to pass up on new tech.

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