Big Radials releases Nieuport 17 for MSFS

World War I kite flyers rejoice as Big Radials has released their first World War I aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Their release focuses on the infamous Nieuport 17 fighter.

Sesquiplane fighter fun

The Nieuport 17 is technically a sesquiplane as its bottom wing is only about half the size of the top one. This aircraft arrived on the frontlines of World War I in March of 1916 just a few months after its first flight. The N17 was fast and nimble and helped to end a period known as the ‘Fokker Scourge’ where German aircraft types, primarily designed by Fokker Aircraft, were clearly better than their Entente counterparts.

Big Radials have just released this aircraft to the sim and it comes with a decent feature list given the relative simplicity of aircraft of the period. Listed on the website are the following features:

  • Highly detailed 3D model and textures
  • Historical liveries
  • Accurate sounds recorded from a Le Rhone rotary engine
  • Accurate flight model making it nimble and useable on many tiny airstrips
  • Animated pilot scarf and streamer
  • Interactive clipboard
  • Speedometer in knots or kmh
  • Hidden radio set for IVAO or VATSIM users
  • Working machine guns!
  • Comes with 1 mission and 2 landing challenges
  • Rob, our consultant actually built and owns a real one đź™‚

That last point, that one of their team built and owns a real one, definitely helps lend credibility to the simulated one. Indeed, it does look impressive and I hope it flies as good as it looks!

I will be checking this aircraft out soon!

In the meantime if you’re looking to fly one right now, you can buy from Big Radials directly or from the OrbxDirect store.


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