All of the DCS: AH-64D teaser videos… so far!

There have been a lot of DCS: AH-64D teaser videos over the last couple of weeks. So many in-fact that many of you may have missed them or saw all but the most recent releases. To try and make things easier, this is one post where you can catch all of them and keep tabs on what we’ve seen to date. Full length videos are sure to come soon!

Video round-up

IHADSS sneak peek is our first video and it’s a Matt Wagner video showing off of the feature. This is a system that includes a monocle that sits over the right eye of the pilot and co-pilot gunner allowing, among other features, for either to aim the 30mm chain gun.

The next video is the Tactical Situation Display (TSD) which is a navigation and situational awareness display.

Next up, the AWS video overview from Matt Wagner. The 30mm M230 chain gun can be fixed forward or slaved to the IHADSS as mentioned above.

Another Matt Wagner teaser that was just released, the Hydra rockets are part of the AH-64D’s standard loadout with various configurations set depending on the mission demands. As clear from the video, the AH-64D’s systems make aiming and firing these rockets on target a relatively easy affair. Look forward to trying those!

Finally, the M230 Chain Gun showcase video that takes more of a cinematic look at the AH-64D. I know most of you saw this because my post about it was one of the most popular videos in the month of September.

Stay tuned for more!


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    Good compilation. Thanks.

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