Aeroplane Heaven releases Electra 10 A for MSFS

Another Microsoft Flight Simulator release is up to bat and this time it’s the American classic twin engine, the Lockheed Electra 10 A. The aircraft has been in development for much of the year and is now ready for release. Here are the details!

A classic aircraft!

First flown in 1935, the Lockheed Electra as a capable twin engine. It was also, tragically, the aircraft that Amelia Earhart disappeared in during her round-the-world record attempt. The Electra was also Lockheed’s first all metal twin engine design and it would be the forebearer of many of Lockheed’s other advanced aircraft designs.

Aeroplane Heaven are reporting that the aircraft comes with the following key features:

  • Beautifully crafted exterior and interior models built from years of research and using factory drawings and plans.
  • Fully detailed authentic cockpit with many unique animations and functions.
  • ‘Modern’ avionics suite available with a switch-out for those that like a modern approach to their simming!
  • Dont believe in Modern avionics ? We have added a sperry Autopilot ( as close to possible ) for the long trips.
  • Special effects include engine exhaust.
  • Opening door with a 3d passenger cabin.
  • The sound set uses legacy files.
  • Although these sounds are authentic P&W engine sounds, we MAY be upgrading to a WWise soundpack at a later date.
  • Highly accurate flight dynamics and performance specifications ensure an authentic flight.

Read the rest of the features and find out how you can buy the Aeroplane Heaven Electra 10 A on their webstore. The aircraft is retailing for $31.95 USD.


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  1. CanadaOne says:

    I took a flight in one of those when Air Canada had one on tour raising funds for charity years ago. Best flight of my life. Had the front seat which had exactly zero legroom, had to stretch my legs into the cockpit. (With permission of course.)

    What a gorgeous plane!

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    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Oh amazing! What an experience and what an incredible airplane!


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