DCS: AH-64D premier video coming up at 11 am EDT

It appears as if Eagle Dynamics is probably about to start pre-orders for the DCS: Ah-64D as we’ve got a new video titled ‘Ultimate Weapon’ set to premier in just a little under 3-hours of my writing this.

Ultimate weapon

The video premier just appeared in my YouTube feed with a release set for 11:00 am EDT (3 hours from now) today. Community manager BIGNEWY is already on the video responding to people although we haven’t seen anything juicy leak ahead of whatever this video is.

In previous module launches we’ve seen Eagle Dynamics do a premier video as the start to a pre-order. Then typically 6-8 weeks later we have an early access release. We appear to be approaching that point.

Tune in for what will undoubtedly be a spectacular trailer!


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