Three new DCS videos detail Hornet, Viper and mission editor new features

Three new videos and three new features for the DCS: F-16C Viper, DCS:F/A-18C Hornet and for the DCS World mission editor which is getting a fair bit of love right now. Let’s have a look!

ATC approach mode

The first new video is the ATC Approach Mode for the DCS: F/A-18C Hornet. This is a new feature coming in the next patch that lets you set an automatic throttle mode for carrier landings. The mode enables the pilot to select and then control their approach to the carrier using the stick and trim only with the throttle automatically adjusting to maintain the angle of attack.

A-G radar for the Viper

Next up, we have the initial implementation of the Viper’s air-to-ground radar. Similar to the Hornet, the Viper’s A-G radar can be used to slew sensors on to a target for weapons employment. The radar will have ground mapping and sea mapping modes to begin with and will get other modes later on. The expand function will let pilots get more details and even be able to pick out individual targets.

Sun and moon

This last one is a short video but the feature is cool. Ever been creating a DCS World mission and struggling to get just the right amount of sunlight for the scenario? Trying to figure out when the moon might be brightest… or darkest? Now you can with the new sun and moon visualizer. Check it out!


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  1. CanadaOne says:

    No question the F-16 is the plane I hesitated most to buy and regretted the least. With all the new features it’s really a lot of fun.

    Very cool additions to the ME as well. And I think we get an update this week. I hope.

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  2. Michael Dwyer says:

    One thing that has annoyed me a lot is that you can’t tell the phase of the moon in the mission editor. It looks like this is still not in. So you have to play the scenario to see if you have a full moon or a new moon. Arma III’s ME had this down pat with a small icon that gave you a good idea how much light would be given off by the moon. I am still disappointed ED needs to think ahead a little, although this is a nice addition

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    1. Seapiglet says:

      Hard to be certain with the Youtube compression, but to me it looks like the moon icon is a little less circular than the sun, and there may be a darker crescent on its left side. Waxing gibbous I reckon. Hopefully we’ll find out soon!


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