Baltic Dragon’s DCS: A-10C Iron Flag aimed at getting newer players into the A-10

Many regard the DCS: A-10C as being one of the more complex modules to get into and while there has been some debate about just how much more complex it is versus other modules, it’s undeniable that it’s both a cool aircraft and one that requires some serious knowledge to wield effectively. That’s where Baltic Dragon is coming in with a brand new campaign called Iron Flag.

Twenty missions to train and test your A-10 mettle

Iron Flag campaign contains twenty missions flying over the NTTR on the DCS: Nevada Test and Training map. It puts you in the cockpit of the DCS: A-10C II module and runs you through a series of training missions. The missions are apparently aimed at new pilots to the module with the intention of getting up and running with the complexities of operating the A-10 Warthog in DCS World.

In true Baltic Dragon form, the campaign is also intended to have a story line. One that draws a through line from past work including the M-2000C default campaign, the M-2000C Red Flag campaign, and the M-2000C Coup d’Etat campaign. A nice bit of continuity and narrative building for long time DCS World pilots.

Two teaser trailers have been released for the campaign. They give us a bit of flavour of what we should expect but not too much more. Have a look at teaser #1 here.

And teaser #2 which came out shortly after.

The campaign is set to release sometime this fall and it sounds like release is imminent as Baltic Dragon has just recently tweeted that the campaign has been submitted for approval. Stay tuned!


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  1. Gretsch_Man says:

    In the last few months, DCS has seen the release of many new single-player campaigns. I have bought quite a few of those.

    Although I don’t own the A-10C (yet), all I like to say to all those campaign makers out there is:
    Keep ’em coming!

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  2. kosmos224 says:

    Well, in the near future Apache looks like it will be the most complex module in DCS…


  3. cap2468 says:

    It sounds like a neat idea, but they would probably be more successful at getting new players into the A-10 if they had the campaign take place on one of the maps already included with DCS (Caucuses and now Marianas).

    whereas it certainly is a thematic to make the setting the same as the M2000C Red Flag campaign, it means that one will have to buy the NTTR map in order to play it.

    This would likely turn off a lot of potential players, especially new ones considering purchasing the A-10, as they would probably want to invest as little money as possible (at least initially) into DCS in case they don’t enjoy The game.

    By requiring the additional purchase of the NTTR map, I suspect most new players will actually be turned off by the requirement to purchase a map along with the campaign.

    In order to maintain the training atmosphere of the campaign, the location could changed to the new Marianas map (considering the fact that Anderson AFB is located there). However I’m not sure there would be a good ordnance range on the map, and the locations would be limited due to the relatively small amount of land available.

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  4. Launchpad says:

    Glad to see this. DCS has 2 things against it. Learning all the systems and no real story game play to keep your interest. Hope to see more of this…..


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      DCS does lack gameplay options and really needs more done there. Learning all the systems is arguably a strength depending on your level of interest. It does cement itself as the “hard core” sim.


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