DCS WWII bundles and updates to open beta and stable releases

Eagle Dynamics is putting a little bit of sales muscle behind their DCS WWII offerings right now with a new series of bundles aimed at selling you new warbirds for your virtual hangar together with the DCS: The Channel map. They have also brought the latest version of the stable release up to the same release number as open beta which means even virtual pilots on the stable version can experience the latest content. Contained in those updates are several DCS WWII updates that Eagle Dynamics wants to draw our attention to. Let’s have a look!


A series of bundles are now available for DCS World War II content which pair their warbirds with the DCS: The Channel Map. The warbirds on the list are regularly sold for $49.99 while The Channel Map also goes for $49.99 and with the bundle you save $30 USD.

  • Thunderbolt and The Channel for $69.98 USD
  • Spitfire and The Channel for $69.98 USD
  • Mustang and The Channel for $69.98 USD
  • Kurfürst and The Channel for $69.98 USD
  • Anton and The Channel for $69.98 USD
  • Dora and The Channel for $69.98 USD

Not included is the DCS: WWII Asset Pack which contains AI vehicles, aircraft, flak guns, and other essential pieces which I would strongly recommend you pick-up if you decide to jump into one of these packs.

DCS WWII updates

There has been some longstanding issues with unresolved bugs with DCS WWII content that, perhaps, has not been given the kind of attention that it should. Although these complaints are nearly universal across most sim products, the wait for some fixes on DCS WWII issues has stretched on for quite some time (in some instances, years). ED looks to be addressing that issue with this statement:

In the past two weeks we have focused on resolving some of the outstanding bugs in our WWII modules. Many of these fixes are now available in 2.7.7. Stable. This work will be ongoing for the foreseeable future and we hope to bring you more detailed feedback in upcoming news. Thanks to our faithful community for your patience and support, as some of these issues have been around for far too long.

In recent updates there have been some notable changes on several aircraft such as the DCS: FW190A-8 “Anton”:

  • WGr. 21 is now fired in salvo only.
  • Reworked WGr. 21 tube jettison procedure.
  • WGr-21 derivation is set to 40 mils or 2 deg right.
  • Fix to electrical breaker setup that allows to fire inner and cowling guns independently.

DCS: P-47D Thunderbolt:

  • Fixed rocked distributor not receiving failure notifications.

DCS: P-51D Mustang:

  • Tail falls off too easily on landing without the tail wheel – fixed
  • Fixes to the visualisation of LODs
  • Fixes in the English training for landing

DCS: FW190D-9:

  • WGr. 21 can be fired with release solenoid unpowered – fixed
  • Fixes to the damage visualisation

DCS: Bf109K-4:

  • Fixes to the damage visualisation
  • Fixed training mission “battery on” trigger

Some core WWII updates have also come in the last few patches:

  • Fixed AI crewman’s health stutter at 20% on the first shot.
  • Removed barrel blow effects for WWII units.
  • Added new units:
    • 105mm M2A1 towed field howitzer
    • Pak40 anti-tank gun
    • 10.5cm leFN field howitzer
    • Sd.Kfz. 124 Wespe self-propelled gun

That’s all that I saw but there may be more than I didn’t spot in the patch notes while writing this. For some, these may have been issues that they have been long awaiting fixes on. For others they may still be waiting on some key fixes. Let me know in the comments if you know of something key that has either been fixed that you’re happy about or something that you’re waiting to see fixed.

It’s also very much worth mentioning that there have been several patches in a row now where the latest warbird, the DCS: Mosquito has seen some substantial updates. The negative-G cutout on the Merlin engines has been brought into a more realistic place, bug fixes are abound, and things appear be moving in a good direction for this legendary aircraft.

All of the kinds of things that we love to see as consumers of these products. As always, progress is being made and these bundles offer some good value for fans of highly detailed WWII aircraft.


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  1. Robert Haynes says:

    I own the BF109-K, FW190-D, P51-D, Spitfire Mk V, and I-16. I own the channel map, and the WW2 pack.

    Whenever I want to fly WW2, I fly IL2. I know people say DCS has the better flight model, and it certainly has more complex systems management. But the single and multiplayer experience is just more complete and rich and easy to access than DCS, and that doesn’t look to be changing anytime soon.

    I wish DCS WW2 all the best, but I’ve stopped buying WW2 modules. There just isn’t enough supporting content, and the fact that things like the WW2 content pack cost $50, and are marginally supported makes it too much of a painful experience to justify.

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