Parallel 42 release FreedomFox and Fox2 for MSFS!

The folks at Parallel 42 have just taken the wrapper off their new Microsoft Flight Simulator aircraft release. It’s a two pack Series 5 Kitfox ST aircraft with special focus on YouTuber Trent Palmer’s “FreedomFox” and Parallel 42’s own custom Fox2. Let’s have a look!

FreedomFox time

Flying a big tired Series 5 Kitfox ST, Trent Palmer has made a name for his back country flying and impressive cinematography on his YouTube channel. With 402K subscribers he’s definitely known on YouTube and in the aviation community for his aircraft. Parallel 42 connected with Trent and put together their rendition of his aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The collaboration goes so deep that he put his signature in the cockpit. Cool!

The collaboration is apparently set to continue as Parallel 42 seek to include more updates via a modification manager that will be updated to reflect the updated state of this real world aircraft. And they are also offering a second aircraft in the pack, the Fox2, which is their own custom creation which they say will make a great base for making your own aircraft. Again, using their modification manager.

Let’s check out the official feature list:

  • Fun!
  • GotGravel STOL flight model, tested by Trent Palmer
  • Mod Manager w/bonus content
  • Exclusive “Desert Oasis” Photosbykev scenery
  • Trent Palmer pilot avatar by TwoSeventyInc
  • Additional GotGravel performance mods for Fox2
  • Dual Garmin G3X Units
  • Realistic electrical system fault/overload simulation
  • Accurate 3D Model based on Kitfox Series 5 STi
  • Beringer Aero wheels and brakes
  • Custom flaperon implementation
  • Window scratches as you’ve never seen before! (optional)
  • Free liveries forever. (we love artists)
  • Custom suspension animations
  • Actual Big Tires
  • OneWheel & Camping gear included
  • & Wig-Wag lights.

More features are planned including:

  • Interactive checklist!
  • Custom visual effects
  • Ambient lighting from displays
  • Updating cockpit fuel tubes to transparent
  • Various 3D details in and outside the aircraft

Coming to Marketplace and Xbox in the future, the only place that you can get the FreedomFox for now is on the OrbxDirect store for $42.00 AUD.


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