1CGS Christmas update shows more P-51B

The P-51B Mustang is nearly ready for release and 1CGS and Executive Producer Jason Williams have been showing it off more and more. In a special Christmas update, we got a look at some more liveries for the aircraft. So let’s have a look at everything P-51B released.

Almost finished

Six new screenshots from Jason Williams coming to us on Christmas. The new images show off both standard and Malcolm hood style P-51s and, much to my personal joy, we’ve got confirmation that one of the included custom skins will include a Polish skin. In this case a well marked aircraft from RAF No. 315 (City of Dęblin).

Other aircraft making an appearance here are Old Crow, Bud Anderson’s famous P-51, as well as Salem Representative, Ding Hao, and Big Mac Junior.

Recapping some other content, we’ve also seen plenty of the P-51B recently with screenshots showing the aircraft both inside and out. Most of you have already seen these but in-case you wanted a recap, check out this beautiful aircraft below. If all goes according to plan, we might yet see this in release form sometime over the next few days.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Blue 5 says:

    Malcolm Hood looks lovely!


  2. Paul Leonard says:

    Update 4.702 is out now with P-51B.


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