vFlyteAir releases new Arrow III G5 for X-Plane

X-Plane third party developer vFlyteAir has just released a new next generation Piper Arrow III for X-Plane 11. This new aircraft release has some interesting features for GA sim pilots so lets have a look at what is on offer.

A new Piper Arrow

vFlyteAir is keen to point out that this new aircraft release is not a small upgrade to prior Arrow releases but is instead a brand new aircraft project that they have been working on for a couple of years. The ‘Piper PA28R Arrow III G5 – E1000’ is unique in that it has two available avionics systems including a custom coded Garmin G5 (and GFC500 Autopilot) and an Aspen EFDE1000.

In addition to the usual array of features, this new Arrow III has a pop-up options menu with checklists, a tow tractor feature and RealityXP support with the ability to use RXP g430, RXP GTN650 and RXP GTN750 options. It also has the somewhat unique feature of having animated co-pilot and passengers. The screenshots do show what are some of the best passengers I’ve seen in X-Plane.

Curious to know more about the Garmin G5? The folks at vFlyteAir have released this demo video showing off what the avionics can do and how to work with it.

The vFlyteAir Piper Arrow III is available from the X-Plane.org Store or direct from vFlyteAir for $33.95. Existing vFlyteAir Piper Arrow III Owners who bought direct can also apply to get a discount on their purchase and will pay just $12 for the upgrade. That upgrade price is coming to you via a special e-mail offer so pay attention to that if you’re looking to update.


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