VIRPIL announces VPC ACE-Torq Rudder Pedals

Flight sim and space sim hardware maker VIRPIL has announced a new rudder pedal design to join their line-up of available pedals. Introducing the VPC ACE-Torq Rudder Pedals. Let’s have a look!

Based on helicopter pedals

Teased earlier in the week, VIRPIL have taken the covers off and revealed the VPC ACE-Torq Rudder Pedals. According to the announcement, the pedals are based in design off of early helicopter designs with a single axis vertical pedal movement.

The pedals feature an all metal design, two sets of cams, two sets of springs, adjustable cam centering mechanism, adjustable footplate positioning, USB and aux controllers (found on a lot of modern VIRPIL products), and VIRPIL’s now standard contactless sensors.

It’s an impressive package from the looks of things. Although it is mentioned in the marketing materials to be useful to any kind of sim pilot, I feel like these are especially useful for the helicopter simmer who wants an experience similar to that of some helicopter designs. The compact size, relative to other pedals, may also be a useful feature as well.

The VPC ACE-Torq are available in the VIRPIL store for €249.95.


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  1. Firdimigdi says:

    Oh, that’s nice looking. I’ve been using VKB’s offering (which is over 100 euros cheaper if you factor in VAT) in the same design for a good while now. Apart from being compact it’s also easy to use with a swivel chair and doesn’t need mounting or even a particularly grippy surface to avoid it sliding around since all the motion is vertical.


  2. BA-33 says:

    A very nice addition to their oriented helo hardware.

    However, I don’t know if they’ll have as much success as traditional rudders ; this set is really interesting for the helo only simmers and I guess the vast majority of players love to climb into a jet now and then.

    I’ll probably give it a go but I am mainly looking forward to new grips for helos – the Blackhawk collective grip has been out for only a few months, I guess it will take a bit of time before we see another one for a cyclic or collective.

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  3. Blue 5 says:

    €250? Aw, crap. I just splashed out on a pair of Sonny Crokett Wayfarers. That’s my pocket money gone.

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