r/il2sturmovik is back!

A few weeks ago, regular visitors of the r/il2sturmovik Reddit group may have noticed that they were unable to post and that the thriving community had suddenly ground to a halt. Fortunately the problem has been solved and r/il2sturmovik is back!

Back online

With 15.2k members, the popular subredit had amassed a good number of community members. In recent months the group had taken on an influx of new members coming from other sims or who were interested in flying their first sim.

Unfortunately, the whole thing came to a halt a couple of weeks ago. The only admin of the group had their account suspended – which halted any posting on groups that they were the admin of. I’m not sure what the story is behind it but that’s the reason behind the problem.

Fortunately, it’s back online with new admins and posts are flowing freely again. Check out r/il2sturmovik on Reddit if you’re interested.


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