Aerobask releases DA50 teaser trailer for XP11 and 12

A few months ago Aerobask, an aircraft maker for X-Plane, teased that their team was working on a Diamond DA50. I was excited as their DA62 is one of my favourite aircraft in the sim to fly and the addition of the new single engine DA50 had my attention immediately. Now a teaser trailer is out and the new aircraft is coming soon. So let’s have a look!

Wing flex on a GA aircraft

Not a lot of GA aircraft in X-Plane have wing flex. Some of them wouldn’t conceivably have it and others have chosen not to model it but it looks like Aerobask is for the DA50 project. That was probably the feature that stood out the most in the teaser although the cockpit and exterior model certainly look up to the task of being a high quality X-Plane 11 release as well as something that’s prepared (as much as possible) for the leap to X-Plane 12.

Enough of my excitement… check out the teaser for yourself!

More information will certainly be appearing on the announcement thread here. No ETA has been given but the lead time from teaser to release is typically not long.


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