New IL-2 dev diary shows Ju88C-6, new sky!

Its a short but sweet update from the team at 1CGS as we get an updated look at what is a nearly complete Ju88C-6 coming to IL-2: Battle of Normandy along with some more images and news about the new sky technology. Let’s have a look!

Multi-role Ju88C-6

The Junkers Ju88C-6 was a variant of the A-4 bomber that had a solid nose with a mixed array of cannon and machine guns instead of the usual glass dome. The C-6 was used over Normandy around the time of the invasion (somewhat unsuccessfully) as well as extensively on the eastern front. Some C-6’s were painted with a glass nose look-alike structure that supposedly allowed them to lure attacking fighters into complacency while performing head on attacks against the much better armed C-6.

The C-6b was used with a radar antenna as a night fighter. We aren’t getting that version but we are still getting a notable variant of the Ju88. It looks nearly complete and will likely be arriving with the next update kicking off a sequence of twin engine aircraft releases.

Have a look at the beautiful screenshots here and then head over to the IL-2 forums for more.


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