IndiaFoxtEcho provide F-35 update for MSFS

Already released into some marketplaces, IndiaFoxtEcho are aiming to get their new F-35 project into the Microsoft Flight Simulator Marketplace. Not everything has gone according to plan just yet so they have provided an update on that as well as on some new features that are coming to the already released product. Let’s have a look!

Marketplace woes

IndiaFoxtEcho provide regular and matter-of-fact style updates and this is one of them. They want to get the F-35 onto the marketplace as soon as possible, however, they are facing a problem with the jet when it goes through Microsoft’s testing.

To recap the situation, we have submitted the latest build to Microsoft, they reviewed it and they found that the aircraft was fine… however, after the encryption, it causes a long “freeze” in the hangar screen. Unencrypted copies work fine, so the problem lies on the Microsoft side. There is not much we can do apart from pushing and waiting.

This appears to be a problem that Microsoft and Asobo will need to deal with and thus we will have to wait for it to arrive on that platform. Fortunately, it’s already available elsewhere and running without issue.

Good news too

The flip side of the bad news is that there is usually good news and it starts with preliminary testing for Sim Update 8. Apparently the jet is functioning just fine in the beta and IndiaFoxtEcho sound cautiously optimistic that the F-35 will function just fine after the next update.

They are also waiting for it to release before rolling out any new features.

Speaking of new features, there are several in the pipeline including a new HMD/HUD display that uses built in MSFS controls to function. More capabilities are being added to the revised HMD sustem. TACAN support is in although it has limited abilities for bearing and range only. Panel backlighting has been added as part of the night lighting scheme in the cockpit. They have also gone through the effort of using some trickery to create a pseudo FLIR mode. That might be a first in MSFS.

The new flight model is also making progress but is not planned for Sim Update 8 but at some other point later on down the road.

Have a look at the latest images to see their work in progress updates. For all of this and more, visit IndiaFoxtEcho on Facebook.


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