Just Flight provides 146 Professional update

A series of three developer updates over the last few days gives us new insights into the BAe 146 short haul regional airliner that they are busy bringing to life for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Let’s have a look at some of the updates.

Visuals and systems

Just Flight and Project Lead Martyn Northall have provided us with plenty of new details around the BAe 146 that they are building for MSFS. Their 146 Professional product is a recreation of the same aircraft that they have built for other sims but with plenty of ground up reworking going on at the same time.

Although the cockpit does look intimidating, Martyn assures is that the systems are logically laid out and the jet is actually relatively easy to get into. He also reports that FPS remains fluid despite all of the detail. We don’t know the test system but I’ll take that as an encouraging sign!

There is an EFB (a tablet interface) that will let you configure the aircraft including doors, payload, and ground equipment. As for systems Martyn describes the 146’s systems that will be available in the sim as a mix of old and new, saying,

The 146 is equipped with two NAV and two ADF radios, RMIs, HSIs, a very capable autopilot and FMS/GPS, offering a mixture of old and new navigation methods.

He also describes in the second update some of the quirks of the 146 that are simulated in MSFS. That includes keeping the APU on until the aircraft is on climb out and that the control columns are linked to servo tabs on the elevators and ailerons resulting in a droopy appearance on the controls until speed has built up. Interesting!

These are some of the highlights but I encourage you to read all three parts of the latest update as Martyn takes us through the process of starting, taxiing, takeoff, cruise and landing.

It sounds like it’s only a matter of time before Just Flight are able to release their 146 Professional for MSFS.


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  1. Urgent Siesta says:

    This plane is a “bush pilots” dream – can’t wait to fly it into all the interesting little strips and highways it’s capable of making deliveries.

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