Liveries displayed for Sopwith Triplane and B-26 for IL-2

A new IL-2 developer diary is out this week with a short update that is heavy on the eyecandy as we get a very good look at the Sopwith Triplane and the B-26B-55 including some stunning new liveries. Let’s have a look!

Tripe and B-26 on display

The Sopwith Triplane (or the “Tripe”) is the tenth aircraft to release of Flying Circus Vol 2 which brings the list of aircraft development for Vol 2 to a close. The map and Career mode are still on the development cycle as the team works towards finishing up the second Flying Circus instalment.

Today we’ve also learned that the Tripe will come with at least one modification with the ability to mount one or two Vickers machine guns.

Meanwhile the B-26, which we got a good look at during the last update, appears to be progressing well as the aircraft is coming packed with a range of liveries including several generic options covering a range of operations as well as a few unique aircraft with some very interesting nose art.

The update also mentions that 4.704 is in testing and that it will be coming with new optimizations that should boost loading times.

Check out all of this in the latest developer diary.


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  1. Blue 5 says:

    Did the French fly Tripes?

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    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      According to Wikipedia, 17 examples were operated by French Naval Aviation.

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