DCS: Supercarrier, F-14, and new A-10 campaign in the news

Another DCS World Weekend Update is out and with it we’ve got some new information about DCS: Supercarrier and a development report on the F-14. Let’s have a look!

New features for Supercarrier

This week we’ve learned that Eagle Dynamics has spent the last year working on new features for DCS: Supercarrier and that their fruits of this work are coming soon to an Open Beta update. The first update is that the deck crew are making use of a new skeletal animation system. The benefit of this appears to be that the animation system now has different movements for day and night time operations. The night crew will also use light wands for more realism.

This last feature is highlighted in a new video that has been shared around.

The light wands alone are a substantial upgrade as the crew can become more or less invisible at night. Unless you want to blind them with your landing lights…which I HAVE done!

Eagle Dynamics are also reporting that they are working on the nighttime lighting and shadow systems with what sounds like an additional checkbox for those who want to improve the overall visual fidelity for deck shadows.

There’s also mention of the “burble” which refers to the disturbed airflow off the back of the carrier deck. Apparently this feature will continue to be tweaked for added realism before being released with a first iteration soon. Looks like carrier landing practice will be happening soon.

F-14 updates

The F-14 is getting the spotlight once again as Eagle Dynamics are highlighting some of the great work that Heatblur have been busy doing behind the scenes on the F-14. The mention in this DCS World Weekend News update appears to be centered around the same update that I reported on back in March.

Heatblur have rewritten the autopilot systems on the F-14 incorporating a simulation of the autopilot system that should mimic closely the one in the real airplane.

The full update and report by Cobra847 is right here.

And be sure to check out the latest DCS World Weekend news update right here.


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  1. CanadaOne says:

    Happy to see the SuperCarrier get a bit more cool. I couldn’t resists buying when it came out just because it was the newest and coolest. No regrets.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Oh yeah, no regrets here either. I still love pulling up to the catapult and being guided on. It’s a super immersive experience!


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