Content round-up: PMDG’s new 737-700 is building towards release

Airliner news keeps on coming as PMDG looks set to take the wrapper off their new 737-700 for Microsoft Flight Simulator soon. This is the first in a series of 737 related releases planned for MSFS with PMDG’s reputation as the creator of detailed airliners attracting considerable attention. A lot of content has come out over the last few days and I wanted to highlight some of the best examples that will give you a clear look at what the new 737-700 will offer.

Official PMDG content

PMDG themselves have been busy putting out some content and that starts with two video releases. The first details installation as well as some first run information. Notably, the 737 will take several minutes to start-up on first run while subsequent start-ups will take a fraction of the time.

The next is a video series introduction. The video details how PMDG plans to do tutorial videos for the 737 – and they are planning a full series. Their series will focus in on the depth and detail areas of the aircraft to help bring in a new generation of sim pilots that are less familiar with PMDG and the 737. Sounds good.

More content

Up next we have 737NG Driver on YouTube who is reportedly a 737 pilot in real life and has brought the same expertise to this video showcasing the pre-release version. Rather than being explicitly a tutorial, this video is more about what a full flight in the aircraft can look like.

British Avgeek was also selected to do some content around the aircraft. There are several videos on his channel but you may want to start with the first look which points out some fun detail in the visual and physics modeling even while the aircraft is still on the ground.

Chewwy94 was another streamer who has put up some preview content. This dramatical arrival into Ketchikan, Alaska, with the cargo variant is impressive looking.

Arriving soon

PMDG haven’t given us a release date yet but with preview content like this coming out and tutorial videos being spun up, its likely not that long before we see a full fledged release to the public. The preview versions are not quite done yet and there have been reports of some bugs and problems with things like the audio in some circumstances. Evidence that PMDG is still busy putting on the finishing touches.

So, stay tuned and look for more 737 content for MSFS.


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